Ask Matty – October 26, 2012

It seems like I had forgotten to do this for months.  To be fair leading up to Power Con and NYCC there really wasn’t much to ask.  At least after those shows there were a bunch of reveals and new questions to ask the man, the myth, the legend Toy “Scott” Guru.

Well yes, I am back with wonderful questions and equally wonderful answers.  Enjoy reading them, especially if you are on the east coast and lose power during the Franken-hurricane, or whatever they are calling it now.  I’m off to buy some bread, milk, and eggs while you read … if we get stuck in the house I’ll cook French toast.

[box style=”note”]Q: If the Castle Grayskull project goes through, do you intend to have the box art be done by Rudy Obrero so that it will be consistent with previous boxed releases?

A: Yes, we will ask Rudy if he will do this! (Editor’s note, they WILL be doing this as they announced today)

Q: Has a decision been reached on Snake Face’s staff being cut or not?

A: Yes,it will be included as noted at NYCC.

Q: With prices increasing, is there any chance future non sub items will be able to be ordered ahead of time and combined with sub shipments so we can save a little on shipping?

A: This is something we are looking into but nothing to confirm yet.

Q: Any new news on Mini Masters?

A: Not yet, we are still looking for a home for these guys.

Q: The green Clawful mace is my favorite part of the Great Unrest Weapons Pak, any chance of a slightly off-color Clawful release to go with it?  Maybe with a 200x head?

A: Can’t say that is at the top of our list but anything is possible. [/box]

So there you have it folks!  I got scooped on my one good question this month!

There is still time to submit questions for the November 15 Ask Matty, so if you got anything drop me a line.

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