Hot Toys: Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong Revealed

Looks like I am going to need to be updating my Resident Evil toys checklist soon!  Hot Toys has just announced a new 12″ Ada Wong based off of her Resident Evil 4 look.  This is surprising to me and not just because they went back to Resident Evil 4 as the next Hot Toys release.

It seems there was very little merchandising for Resident Evil 6.  The usual players were not involved, we haven’t seen anything from NECA, Play Arts Kai, or Hot Toys from the game.  The last thing NECA did was one character from Operation Racoon City, Vector.  Play Arts Kai has one character from Operation Racoon City as well, Lupo.  Finally Hot Toys comes out with their latest Resident Evil reveal and it is Ada from Resident Evil 4.  She was also in Resident Evil 6, but there has been a blackout on merchandise from the game for some strange reason.

Regardless of this weirdness, check her out in the gallery below … she looks fantastic and will certainly help flesh out your Resident Evil shelf.  You can preorder her now by heading over to Sideshow, she is scheduled for a March 2013 release.

[nggallery id=102]

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