The Hobbit 6″ Legolas Review + Gallery

Well I said I wouldn’t do it, but I caved and got ahold of a six-inch scale Legolas thanks to the fine folks at Bridge Direct (or The Bridge as I call them). Sure he’s been done to death, and the nation is tired of Orlando Bloom, and he may not even be in the first movie. Regardless he is part of the new six-inch line, and there are
so few six-inch figures he needed a fair shake. Now if we were talking four-inch line, he would need to wait his turn. But the only other six-inch I have left is Gandalf, so Legolas Greenleaf gets his shot now.

Bridge Direct Legolas Review

I don’t think Legolas will be back skateboarding a shield down Helms Deep in the Hobbit, but he will have a little short cameo that may or may not have been moved to the second movie. I suppose the only way we will find out is by watching the movie in December. It is amazing how close we are to the first Hobbit movie already as it seemed like a hopeless dream only a few years back. I’m not quite sure about this whole fleshing it out into a trilogy, but I’ll trust Peter Jackson after what he did with Lord of the Rings.

Bridge Direct Legolas Review

So yes, Legolas will not be a battler in this movie, at least we hope. This is why he is in more of a reserved outfit than we saw him in Lord of the Rings. The gown seems more like elven formal wear, like he is an ambassador of whatever elf race he comes from and he is going to stop by to meet with Gandalf or the Dwarves.  Whoever, the point being he is dressed for an important meeting. Like previous figures I have reviewed from the Bridge Direct line, the detail is really well done. You can see all the little links in the chainmail, and there are elvish designs sculpted into the clothes. Also the designs that aren’t sculpted are painted very neatly. Costume work has been strong in this line all-around, and that has not changed with Legolas.

Bridge Direct Legolas Review

The paint is pretty basic on the face, but it does a good job showing the really strong sculpt. I’m going to be honest, I have not looked at Orlando Bloom in at least five years so maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but I think this version has a much better likeness than the Toybiz one. The Toybiz version looks more like this guy Steve I worked with at a summer camp back in my teens. The Bridge Direct version seems to capture that Orlando Bloom magic, and there is much magic to capture!

Bridge Direct Legolas Review

Legolas is loaded with instruments of death, and a convenient place to store them all. He comes with a double quiver and sheath combination that straps on his back. It holds his arrows and his two blades in an additional section. The arrows are well made but good luck with shooting them as his bow is lacking a string. The accessories are all well detailed and I suppose movie accurate, at least they look like the elven blades and bows to me.

Bridge Direct Legolas Review

Articulation, this is where most the Bridge Direct figures fall off in comparison to the Toy Biz figures from way back.  They have good articulation for a six-inch figure, but I wouldn’t put it much past the good adjective.  The other issue is that Legolas has a large flowing robe that drops down to about his knees.  This renders a lot of his leg movement useless.  It you are planning on having him stand and observe things then you are fine.  I found that if you cut a slit up each side of his robe it opens him up quite a bit.  Even just being able to spread his legs out a little gets you quite a few more good poses.  His head is also obstructed from movement by his long hair, but again this is just a side-effect of living in Middle Earth, the land of long hair.

Bridge Direct Legolas Review

Legolas is a good guy, not one of my favorites but they pull him off decently.  The problem with throwing Legolas into the first assortment of figures is his history of over-saturation, and I think people are kind of sick of Orlando Bloom … or at least they were shortly after LOTR and those Pirate movies.  We don’t know his role in the film, but it would have been great if he was a little more posable.  I think the six-inch scale is the one they are still learning with, so I hope they keep with it even if their four-inch figures are blowing up.

Want to pick up Legolas?  I would suggest checking out Amazon, they have a nice selection of Hobbit figures in all shapes and sizes.

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