NECA News: Mogwai Series 3, Predator Series 7, Prometheus

NECA’s twitter feed was rife with exciting news and picutres today, so I just wanted to make sure and round them up so nobody missed out!  We have some factory samples of Mogwai Series 3, Predator Series 7, and a Prometheus preview!

So let us get started here. shall we?

NECA Mogwai Series 3 Factory Samples

Here are the factory samples of the third Mogwai series.  It should be noted that Randy said deco is not final, and also the factory used the Gremlins 2 ears for these incorrectly … the final release should have the Gremlins 1 ears.  I am loving Gizmo’s sad face from this wave.

NECA Predator Series 7

Another update on Predator series 7.  I can’t wait to get the Big Red Predator. he looks incredible, has double knees and a new torso.

We’ve seen painted prototypes of David and Holloway before.  But this is the first time we have seen the paint of Fifield, and he looks as horrifying as he did when he crab-walked back to the Prometheus in the movie.  Also I think this may be the first time I have seen the painted Deacon (aka the proto Alien, in case you didn’t watch to the end).  Prometheus is one of my must-own lines of the year, I suggest you check out the Engineers from series one, in fact check out my review of the Chair Suit Engineer here.

As always, thanks to Randy at @NECA_TOYS on twitter for the behind the scenes looks.  Be sure to follow them and get all the info on your favorite toys!

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