Mattel Accepting Back to the Future Hoverboard Cancellations

It has been almost a year since Mattel put up preorders for their Back to the Future Hoverboard prop replica.  I don’t follow it nearly as close as others because I had no interest in it.  But whenever I wanted a chance to read angry people complain about something that wasn’t He-Man related I would swing over to the Ask Matty: Back to the Future Hoverboard forum.  There were a lot of angry people there, in fact I think I have even gotten a couple angry comments regarding the Hoverboard on my site as well … so I was aware people had issues.

Well it looks as though you can now cancel your preorder, even though two days ago the communicated memo was people could not.  Matty released an official word on their forums stating that they do not want any customers dissatisfied with their order and will honor cancellations.  Official word below:

[box style=”note”]Hoverboard Customers: Last week at New York Comic Con, we revealed a pre-production model of our upcoming Back to the Future™ Prop Replica. It was developed in conjunction with the original films’ special effects supervisor, Michael Lantieri, prop maker/special effects expert, Mary Anne Lantieri, and the co-producer and co-writer of the trilogy, Bob Gale, and is based on the more than 30 slight variations of Hoverboard props used in the classic film series. If you placed a pre-order, we wanted to let you know that if you’re in any way unhappy with the product we’ve shown so far, you can opt out of the pre-order. We want to ensure every customer is satisfied, so if you prefer not to purchase the Hoverboard prop replica, please visit our Customer Service page and we will gladly cancel any unshipped order.[/box]

I dunno!  Crazy people and their Hoverboard replicas, however I did snap some pictures of the model they had at NYCC.  Figure this post is good a place as any to show them off.

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