MOTUC News: First Shot of Castle Grayskull Mock-Up Revealed!

The Castle Grayskull preorder period has officially begun!  It got off to a little bit of a rough start as shipping prices for international buyers were in the $200 range, but this was shortly after corrected and just about everyone’s (including domestic buyers) shipping prices got halved.

Word also from Toy “Scott Nietlich” Guru is that after the first day they were at 24% of the orders needed to go forward.  Of course the thermometer has been updated and now we just wait and see as to how fast or slow it rises.  I have yet to order mine, but I am in no rush as we have until November 10th to do so.

MOTUC Castle Grayskull Physical Mockup

The big news however comes from Scott’s video he did for the Back to the Future Hoverboard.  In the background is none other than the first physical mockup of the Castle itself.  You can also take that as a good sign that they have some faith in making enough preorders as they have started the mock-up process.  From what I can tell the castle dimensions look great, and I hope Scott places some figures in it for his next video.

MOTUC Castle Grayskull Physical Mockup

We’ll keep you posted on Castle Grayskull developments!

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