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I’d been meaning to get my MOTUC reviews up faster, but when they drop three new figures and a weapons pak on me I fall behind, especially with all the other good stuff I found this month.  Frosta, I believe, is the unofficial-official figure of October.  By that I mean she was supposed to be the August figure but got pushed back because she was not ready.  It seems as though Frosta has also been on quite a journey to get to us, she has gone through a ton of changes since first revealed and this version almost seems like they just decided at some point to stop making changes and just put her out as is.  I’ve been on quite a few IT projects like this, and usually those projects will have flaws that need to be corrected in post due to botched deadlines.

MOTUC Frosta Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Frosta
Release Date: 10/15/2012 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $20.00 ($22.00 non sub)
Faction: Ice Empress of Etheria
Real Name: Queen Mackenzie

MOTUC Frosta Review

The big thing with Frosta is a problem that tends to come up often in the MOTUC: reversed parts.  Yes, this is another release with reversed parts, specifically her forearms are the problem.  They didn’t deny it or say it was intentional this time, they seemed to just sigh and concede the point, offering fans a “thank you” item that will be determined.  Of all the items to get a thank you gift, this one actually bothers me the least.  It took me a few looks to realize mine was one of the random reversed figures, and I did attempt to fix it but stopped when the peg began tearing.  In my opinion it looks fine either way, unlike the Roboto shoulders that were a lot more obvious from a casual eye.

MOTUC Frosta Review

I think I may have started my tone a little negative for this review, which isn’t fair because I really like the figure.  She just suffers from indecisiveness.  For instance her dress was originally presented as white, and the final figure comes out more gray than white.  My interpretation of Frosta’s colors was always pearly white, like a perfect set of teeth.  They also felt the need to cut the blue color of her torso section half way across her body so her back is now gray.  It doesn’t really take away from the figure, but seems like an odd decision … it probably has something to do with cost cutting as most questionable decisions do.

MOTUC Frosta Review

I’ve seen complaints about her face, and I think that mostly roots from her toothy smile.  Looking at her face-forward is a little intense because of the big eyes, but she has a really accurate to the cartoon side profile.  She comes topped with sort of translucent hair.  I say sort of because it isn’t see-through, but you can tell shapes and shadows are behind it when you look at it.  All-in-all though the head looks really good on her and she fits in perfectly with the other Princess of Power girls.

MOTUC Frosta Review

Mattel deserves much propage for using the original female hips for Frosta.  I’ve said it before that I prefer those hips because they get a better range of movement, and the myth that the hips were why females can’t sit on a horse is completely untrue.  It’s worth mentioning she also has new thighs as they sculpted the design into it instead of taking the easy route of painting.  I noticed and I am appreciative.

MOTUC Frosta Review

Frosta has a healthy helping of accessories including her staff, shield, and cape.  I included the cape because it is removable, and she looks good with or without it.  Be aware that they also made the plastic ties in the package really tight so your shield may come out of the package warped or with indents where the tie was.  The shield is just a redeco of previous She-Ra shields.  Her staff is quite a production because it has some type wind turbine on the top of it, I am assuming this is to blow cold air on enemies of the Rebellion.  It is a really nice staff with painted details, and it is something new so that is always a plus!

MOTUC Frosta Review

As a bit of a side note, if you are a subscriber then your package also came with an entire sheet of Great Rebellion stickers.  Fourteen Great Rebellion stickers and a single Time Agents sticker are included, which is about eight Great Rebellion stickers too many.  Either Toy Guru is trolling the POP community or he really thinks they are going to bang out some serious Great Rebellion figures in the next year, which doesn’t seem all that possible since we know most of 2013.  The best suggestion would be to save these for the Sub or Die 2014 initiative, and stick these on telephone poles in a guerilla marketing campaign.

MOTUC Frosta Review

Frosta is a great figure that suffers from too many change decisions throughout the process.  The good thing, at least for me, is that most of those decisions don’t really hurt her.  The true purist may have more of a problem with the changes, but the true purist will find a problem with just about any figure.  Frosta bolsters the POP ranks in the MOTUC display, adding some estrogen to an extremely testosterone heavy display.  The big question that should be asked after four years of this line is “How do the reversed parts keep happening?”  The amount of crap TG takes on the chin for these instances, you would think he would take a paranoid watch over the production in China to make sure it doesn’t continue.  But it still happens and at least this time we get a nice gift by the end of next year.

Would you like a Frosta to call your own?  There is a great site called Amazon that has her in stock. Matty did offer to give refunds to any subscriber who didn’t want their Frosta due to the reversed parts, so in the future they may have some refund or customer service stock on sale … but don’t hold your breath, they seem to be producing a lot less figures these days.  And honestly, if you are a subscriber you probably won’t return her anyway.

Next up should be Cy-Chop, althought I have yet to do Dragon Blaster Skeletor …. so behind these days!

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