MOTUC News: Castle Grayskull Thermometer Up, Date Extended

Watch that thermometer go on up!  This is the life we live now being Masters of the Universe Classics collectors, watching a completely debatable thermometer value rise so that we can get something we had hoped for.  Castle Grayskull does, however, seem to be steadily rising as the updates come in making me think it will eventually go through.

The thermometer is currently creeping up on the halfway point as you can see in the stylish graphic below:

MOTUC Castle Grayskull Thermometer Update

But not only has the thermometer for Castle Grayskull risen, but the date to reach the minimum amount of orders has risen as well.  We now have until November 12th to make the minimum so they can go into sculpting and production.  Of course if it reaches minimum they will leave preorders open until January 2013.

I don’t think I posted this video earlier, so I just wanted to make sure I address it before I forget.  Check out the foam mock-up of Castle Grayskull … it is quite large.

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