NYCC 2012: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

We previously showed you the new MOTUC reveals from New York Comic Con 2012, so now we want to show you the rest of the booth displaying all the current and upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics.  As usual they have the the figures that are currently out like the 30th Anniversary series, and the upcoming figures like Procrustus, Dekker, Mosquitor, and Ram Man.  They also had the Power-Con revealed figures on display Karatti, Octavia, and Snake Face.

Granamyr is quite an imposingly large figure to see in real life, he is going to go great in any collection.  I hold a soft spot for Procrustus because he will be our last giant for a while now.  And it was confirmed that Snake Face will come with his staff.

Check out the pictures of the figures on display in the booth:

[nggallery id=99]


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