NYCC 2012: Mattel DC Infinite Earths, Batman Unlimited, and more

This covering New York Comic Con 2012 thing is more tiring than I thought.  It’s also been a long and extremely busy weekend so I just want to push out as much as I can before the weekend ends.  The Mattel booth (which was right in my face as I came up the escalator) was stocked with some previews of their DC offerings.  They had an entire case dedicated to their DC Infinite Earths subscription line, and a case that had some Batman offerings, as well as the JLU line.  There was also a look at the Dark Knight Rises line with the build-a-Bat-Signal, but nothing new there.

The new reveals for DC Infinite Earths were Red Hood, Captain Marvel Jr., and Huntress.

Mattel DC Infinite Earths Red Hood, Marvel Jr., Huntress

I also got a close up look at the Dark Knight Returns Batman.  Toy Guru continued to tell us the only parts reused on that figure were the shoulders, and I guess I have no reason not to believe him … but the similarities are stunning.  He also looks fantastic and is an instant preorder for me, no way I am waiting out to find that at retail because it is far too good to miss.  Also the Planet X Batman actually has a surprising amount of detail sculpted into him.  I really had no interest in him because I felt he was a cheap kit-bash to sell the Batmite.  But he actually turned out pretty good, I was surprised by how much I liked him.

Also from the Unlimited line they had the Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and Injustice Batman.

Pictures of the booth below, enjoy kiddos!

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