Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Skeletor #1 Out Today!

Skeletor, the man who can’t get enough origin stories is back in another tale of how he came to be!  That is correct, if you have a Masters of the Universe pull at your local comic shop you should be getting this first issue in a line of Eternian origins.  I’m at least assuming this will be a line and we will get to see a few more character’s origins, similar to how the digital firsts tell a short but important story about a character.

In telling the origin of Skeletor they seem to want to focus on prejudice being a big part of what makes the monster.  Miro has two sons named Randor and Keldor.  Keldor is first-born and theoretically heir to the throne, but he is thought lesser of by Miro because he is half Gar.  Miro basically fast tracks Randor into the throne while ignoring Keldor’s accomplishments.  Basically they make Miro look like a racist dick.  Skeletor makes a deal with Hordak, who in this comic looks more like Diablo, which in a Darth Vader type way turns Keldor into Skeletor.

I remember the MYP origin story and it was quite different from this one.  I enjoyed it though and I suggest you pick it up at your local comic shop or grab a digital copy on Comixology.  If nothing else, the comic is worth it for the awesome cover alone.

Info –

Masters of the Universe: Origins of Eternia #1 Skeletor
Available in Print or Online
Story – Joshua Hale Fialkov
Cover and Art – Frazer Irving
Cost – 2.99
Pages – 21
Release Date – 10/31/2012

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