Onell Design Verexxan Armorvor Review + Gallery

I had overheard a little bit about this Glyos system from perusing toy boards and twitter from time to time.  It never really appealed to me except when it came to the Spy Monkey weapons I would end up using for my MOTUC figures.  This all changed about two weeks ago when Adam Pawlus on twitter mentioned that Onell Design’s stuff was going fast.  Curiosity got the best of me and I decided  to check out the site.  I was instantly drawn to the Armorvor because it was almost like a Battle Beast, but looked so much cooler than the stuff Diamond or Takara is currently doing.

Onell Design Glyos System Verexxan Armorvor
Craybooth (left) and Armorvor (right)

I was hooked.  I may be an addict and this may be a problem, but only time will tell.  Regardless, during this sale I grabbed myself a Verexxan Armorvor because I really dug the color scheme.  He sold out a few minutes later, so apparently I am not the only person who thought so.  It’s worth taking a look over their store because they have a ton of cool stuff that is still in stock and ready to order.  They ship pretty fast and cheap, I like that combination.  They also included a free Stealth Craybooth and a handwritten note thanking me for ordering.  If nothing else they have me back on their next drop just for the great customer service, and of course some more Armorvors.

Onell Design Glyos System Verexxan Armorvor

For a little guy (he comes up to about three inches tall) he comes with a lot of customizable options.  Firstly you can spin his head around to either get a wolf or dog shaped head.  But that isn’t the end as far as head is concerned because the Verexxan version comes with a yellow wolf head.  You can also stick his little gun thing on his head as well, it just looks like a hunchback is wearing a suit of power armor.  This Glyos system, as they call it, lets you do pretty much whatever you want in the way of customization.  If you wanted you could stick the head on his shoulder and have a foot where his head should be.

Onell Design Glyos System Verexxan Armorvor

The Armorvor and all other Glyos releases on Onell Design’s store are all homemade, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because of the tough plastic and great workmanship.  I’ve pulled this thing apart countless times and the pegs stay nice and tight for the next round of torture.  I look forward to obtaining more of these simply because of the Glyos system allowing seemless swapping of parts.

Onell Design Glyos System Verexxan Armorvor

I would say myself of ten years ago would balk at $8 for a three-inch toy, but that was about a decade ago.  These days when I find myself regularly spending $20 – $30 for a regular six-inch figure, I can swing an $8 purchase on a whim.  I’m glad I made the impulse purchase, and I would suggest you at least act on this impulse once to make your own decision.

Onell Design Glyos System Verexxan Armorvor

Since this is new to me I just wanted to collect a few references for people who may like what they see and get into this line:

  • Onell Design’s Webpage – Go here to see the back story on their figures, check out their blog, and get the latest updates.  They also have a nice archive of previous releases that have since been retired.
  • Poe Ghostal’s Interview with Matt Doughty – Poe interviews Matt the founder of Onell Design about his creations, in case you want a little background on his business.
  • Doomkick’s Armorvor Review – I think this was the first review I ever saw, and he has some great pictures and more on his site!
  • It’s All True Glyos Week – Going a step further as they usually do, IAT had an entire week dedicated to Glyos, and it looks like he bought quite a load of them so this is worth it to see the extent you can take this hobby.

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  1. Great Review and thanks for the shout out.

    One thing worth noting…these figures are not handmade, they are made in a factory in china so they are full production figures.

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