MOTUC Cy-Chop Review + Gallery

We’re in the final stretch of 2012, the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe, and the end of the first annual (and last annual) 30th Anniversary MOTUC Subscription. While we’ve had some great entries thus far such as Draego-Man, Sir Laser Lot, and The Mighty Might Spector; we are now getting to the meat and potatoes of the line series. This month is, what I consider, the single greatest new addition to the Masters universe, Cy-Chop.

MOTUC Cy-Chop Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Cy-Chop
Release Date: 10/15/2012 (30th Anniversary Subscription)
Price: $2o.00 sub / $22.00 non sub
Faction: Horde
Real Name: Scychor

MOTUC Cy-Chop Review

Cy-Chop is a creation of the former Masters of the Universe Classics design director Terry Higuchi. I think after seeing Sir Laser Lot and the Mighty Spector fans were pretty pumped to see what Terry had planned for his figure. I don’t think this is the character they wanted, but like Batman it is the figure they deserved. I fell in love with Cy-Chop the moment I laid eyes upon him because he looks like he was designed by an insane Micronauts fan. I’m not sure if Terry is a Micronauts fan or not, but I believe this figure takes a lot of influence from that property.

MOTUC Cy-Chop Review

This figure is something my son would probably create if presented with a selection of parts. He has beast legs and upper arms, bionic forearms, and Roboto’s chest but with new filling. It is an interesting combination and the back story explains that he was mortally wounded by Trap Jaw, and then saved through the use of all of these robotic parts. Which does mean there was a pre-robotic Cy-Chop and his creator, Terry, will be drawing a mock-up of what he looked like.  So we do have that to look forward to!

MOTUC Cy-Chop Review

Using the beast legs makes him notably shorter than most MOTUC figures. However this also opens up the possibility that you can prop him up to use his huge scissor hands as legs. Once I discovered this was a possibility that was the only pose he would be left in. The idea that he walks using his arms made him 100% cooler to me. I’m sure that isn’t his official canon, and it might be a little “fan fiction” on my part, but how many MOTUC figures even have the ability to walk upright using their arms?  Variety my friends, it’s all about making figures stand out in a “buck” system.

MOTUC Cy-Chop Review

Cy-Chop is a Horde member and dons the orange Horde belt. It can also be used to kit-bash a UK comic Horde Prime, but I prefer the black Prime even with the Filmation head. His scissors are removable and Horde Prime would probably be the best figure to get some matching hands from.  Being removable also allows you to stick those scissor hands on figures like Roboto, Spikor, or Horde Prime.  Even if you don’t like the base character of Cy-Chop, he has a lot of parts you can use to enhance other figures.

MOTUC Cy-Chop Review

I am actually a little bit sad that the 30th Anniversary line will be coming to an end next month.  Double this up with less of a focus on concept characters and the line will be getting a lot of main characters going forward.  I’m sure a lot of people are thrilled for this, but I really find the new characters to be the more fun part of collecting the classics line.  I love the old characters and am always glad to get them, but building new ground in the He-Man universe is something I have had a lot of fun with.  There are a lot of mixed feelings regarding the 30th subscription, but I feel like it did a great job of expanding the universe which has been stagnant for quite a few years.

My conclusion is that Cy-Chop is a weird figure, there is no tip-toeing around that.  But from that weirdness there is something very endearing about him.  I can’t really say if he is my favorite of the 30th Anniversary figures because they have all grown on me, but he was the one I was definitely most excited about after Draego-Man.  He is a great effort and has a surprising amount of new parts, I am fully behind him as one of the stronger releases of the year.

Where can I get Cy-Chop?  I would pick him up on Amazon as he is now sold out on Matty’s site.

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  5. I HATE Cy-Chop… Hate with capital HATE and 2 extra Exclamation points for good measure, but seeing him walking on his scissors “Doc Ock Style” is making me like him… without any customization…

    1. I’m going to turn people around on this guy, if it’s the last thing I do! Gotta put the Rattlor Horde armband on him as well, breaks up the blue.

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