MOTU Comics: Digital First #7 – Trap Jaw

In thinking there was going to be a new Masters of the Universe Digital First this week I realized I forgot to put up info for the last release.  Trap Jaw is the latest MOTU character to get the digital first treatment, and if you have been following along this issue ties a lot of ends together.  I think it kind of takes a bit of a cop-out approach at how Trap Jaw was made, but its by no means completely terrible.

I do like some of the recurring themes, especially the corruption within the ranks of the Eternia Royal Guard.  This comic also explains the reasoning behind Evil Lyn’s previous digital first story.  The book covers a lot in the few pages it has, and for the most part is enjoyable.  Check it out on Comixology, and hopefully we should have another new release shortly as the MOTU digital comic library grows.

Info –

Masters of the Universe Digital First #7 – Trap Jaw
Story – Kyle Higgins
Cover and Art – Mike S. Miller
Cost – .99
Pages – 23
Release Date – 10/13/2012

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