MOTUC News: Castle Grayskull Final Day, Granamyr Boxed

I’ve stayed kind of quiet on the whole Castle Grayskull thing.  Why you ask?  I’m not sure, but mostly because the last “you have to buy this or it’s cancelled” took a lot out of me.  This time I took the optimistic route, placed my preorder, and then just sat back and didn’t pay attention to the drama.

There actually has been a lot of good stuff to come of the Grayskull process from the fans.  And whether we find out it went through or not tomorrow, at least it was a fun ride and a cool idea.

First off, the folks over at took it upon themselves to make their very own blog for all things Castle Grayskull, if you need any info it is there.  They also made some great size comparisons.

Scott “Big Daddy” Nietlich made a nice little video showing the cardboard model of Grayskull. got pictures later of figures all around Grayskull, so you can really see the size and scope of this playset.

Pixel-Dan did a very funny commercial with Daniel Benedict (the guy who created Castle Grayskullman) for the Castle Grayskull playset.

On the subject of Mr. Pixel-Dan, his Castle Grayskullman review is one of his best.  But I’m a sucker for anything this Daniel Benedict guy does, so whatever!

Oh yeah, I did mentioned Granamyr … here’s a video!

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