Onell Designs Next Glyos Drop 11/30/2012

This may actually be more a reminder to myself than anyone else, but since I am keeping it in mind I might as well let everyone know.  Matt over at Onell Designs posted an update on their blog letting everyone know they have recovered from Hurricane Sandy and appear to be on track to release a batch of new items on November 30th.  The usual time for the drop is 9:30 pm EST, and a lot of new items will go fast, so if you are looking to snag a few new Glyos figures you should try to be online with your Paypal ready to fire.

Check out their blog for some sketches and hints to what will be offered in the next Glyos drop.  Who knows maybe you can be the next owner of one of these dudes:

Note: The Armorvor, not the head crab … head crabs sold separately.  Make sure to put November 30th in your calendar, and we will update if there are any changes.

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