Castle Grayskull Reaches Goal, Will Go Into Production

In the single most surprising turn of events since Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey, Castle Grayskull has passed its minimum order goal and will go into production. It took a little bit of time today for them to apparently “count the votes” which is probably code word for making this sweet image they created to celebrate the achievement.  They also had a few questionable large orders that they wanted to verify.

What this means is that everyone who preordered their Castle Grayskull will be getting one around December next year.  This also means that the playset will go back up for preorder for the rest of the year.  So if you are hearing about this for the first time it is not too late to lock in for the low price of $250.00.  Sure it’s expensive, but the vintage castle is just too small for MOTUC scale figures. I’m sure the Horsemen will put as much love into Castle Grayskull as they have the rest of the line, so I have no fear of buying it blind.

I made it a point to sit out the worrying about “did we get enough orders” this time around.  And as I expected, it went down to the wire, and magically shot up at the last second again!  I’ve seen enough carnivals to know this trick (if it is) will not keep going over, so I’d love to see one just hit the minimum before the deadline.

So does this leave the door open for Snake Mountain next year?  I would think we are a little bit closer to it if this went through.  We also still have a surprise that “will get more fan demanded figures out” to be revealed at Toy Fair, so 2013 could end up being even more expensive than 2012!  We’ll keep you updated on all thing MOTUC, don’t worry … we always have our eyes on those Carnies at Mattel.

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