Ask Matty – November 15, 2012

Well folks, I hope you get all the army-building Castle Grayskullmen to go with your Castle Grayskull that is going into production as we speak. Today is not only Matty Sale Day but also our Ask Matty for November 15, 2012 where we ask Guru “Scott Toy” Neitlich about toys and life and anything he wants to talk about. I am proud to say I am back on track and remembering to ask questions, but if you ever feel like interjecting just leave a comment or send me an email or Skype me for all I care.

[box style=”note”]Q: If the Classics line (or part of the line) was ever to go retail again, would you use different packaging similar to how DCIE switched when it went subscription?

A: Likely yes. We would also likely “plus down” the figures with one head and one accessory to maintain collectability for the original release. But there are no retail plans right now, this is just hypothetical.

Q: Now that MOTU has a growing modern library of comic material along with the iOS video game, will any of those properties find some influence in MOTUC in the way of heads, pack-ins, or full out characters in the Classics line?

A: Only time will tell. No plans right now.

Q: The sticker pack came with 14 Great Rebellion stickers and one solitary Time Agent sticker. Does this mean we will not be getting any future Time Agents? Say it aint so!

A: Not at all. We added that in specifically because fans were asking for more justification on what the “spade” symbol meant. The sticker is to clarify it is the symbol for the Time Agents and not a “spade” the same was He-Man symbol is the symbol of Power, not an “Iron Cross”. Symbols have different meanings in different cultures after all.

Q: Since the Rattlor General armor was sculpted, does it include bracers and greaves like the 200x figure had? Or was it just the chest armor?

A: No, it is only chest armor.

Q: A Weapons Pak to get things like the Rattlor armor and Strobo gun makes sense. What is the probability we could get something in a pak like the alternate Grizzlor head we once saw?

A: Extremely unlikely. We don’t have plans for more “200X” inspired face sculpts in the Classics line. Whiplash was a more of a one time event.

Enjoy the beautiful winter air everyone!

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