The Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 Carded

And just like that, pictures of the carded Walking Dead Series 2 Minimates show up online.  This looks to be the series where the line really hits its stride with some awesome secondary characters.  Don’t get me wrong I love Rick and Shane and their bulky police outfits, but the side characters like Amy and Andrea are the REAL draws here.

Check out the gallery below.  Series 2 will have exclusives split between comic stores and Toys “R” Us and here is the breakdown:

Toys “R” Us will be getting both of Michonne’s armless and jawless zombies (Terry and Mike) packed with either Lori or Morgan.  Lori is Rick’s wife, and Morgan was the man with the son Rick originally ran into fresh out the hospital, he ends up joining them later in the series on their way to DC after his son passes.

Comic and specialty shops will be getting Andrea and Amy.  Each come packed with the same “Stabbed” zombie unfortunately, but it is Amy and Andrea, so I can make concessions.

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 should be available around December 2012, so put in your reservations now!  The Walking Dead Minimates Series 1 is currently out and can be purchased on Amazon!

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