NECA News: Gears of War Get Tiny, Halloway Bumped, More!

It would be an understatement to call the Gears of War series a pretty good seller.  I’m sure the franchise has done well for NECA as well who has been making 7″ scale GOW figures for years.  It has done so well that they are branching out to a new scale I don’t believe I have seen them do before, 3 3/4″ scale.  In what Randy from NECA calls a bit of an experiment they will be doing a line of 3 3/4″ Gears of War, with the expectation that if it takes off they can do stuff like huge beasts, vehicles, and army builders.  NECA has released a little solicitation image explaining what to expect.

The first series will be Marcus, Carmine, and Baird.  I think it will be interesting to see, I love the detail they put into the seven-inch figures so I am interested to see how that translates in a smaller scale.  Oh and they mentioned that this will not impact the 7″ line, both will coexist and new figures are coming for the upcoming Judgement game.

In Prometheus news, some international retailers are listing David and the Deacon as the series two offerings.  On Twitter, Randy confirms that Halloway has been bumped from series two and we will see him in the future, hopefully.  I’m cool with this because Halloway was kind of a dick in the movie and is probably the last guy I want to get.

It’s also worth noting that the Prometheus Trilobite vs Engineer TRU two-packs have hit the West Coast.  Nothing to report here from the East, but believe me there will be a review when it hits.  NECA has also put out some high resolution images of the Deacon and David from the second series:


Sad Hogan!

Bad news for Rocky fans, as stated here Thunderlips is not part of the license.  Looks like Rocky 2 and a few variants are left for the NECA series.  Randy states “no love for Rocky 5 & 6” I’ll take that as meaning they will not do anything from those movies, whatever the reason may be.  I’d say it is sad news, but they got Drago, Creed, Lang, and a bunch of Rockys out … the line is far from a disappointment.  Clubber Lang is also hitting on the West Coast as well, so keep your eyes on those toy stores!

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