Ask Matty – November 30, 2012

A day early!  We got our Ask Matty questions a day early and I imagine is because the fine folks at Mattel are going to enjoy their weekend.  This week we ask important questions about the awesome Castle Grayskull that we will be getting next year, Castle Grayskullman, and subscription stuff.

It’s hard to find things to ask these days since we have had most of 2013 revealed, but we’ll keep on pressing and you can always get me to ask something.  Happy last day of November everyone, see you at the next Q&A some time around the 15th of this month.

[box style=”note”]Q: Now that Grayskull is a go and went above the minimum, is a yearly playset out of question?  Snake Mountain for next year?

A: No, a yearly playset is not in the works. Right now we are just looking at the Castle.

Q: Is the extended order period something you are considerring for the subscription sales for 2014?  Like possibly after we reach the minimum have a certain number of preorders still open a month or two later?

A: Yes, we are looking into whether we can offer this. We may open up the sub BEFORE SDCC knowing you won’t see the first few figures however until the show. You’ll just know the “slots” and price points to order early.

Q: Does the Grayskull project help tooling dollars towards other MOTUC ventures or is it strictly a self-contained project?

A: It is 100% self contained.

Q: Castle Grayskullman sold out really quickly this month, will we ever see him again?

A: Definitely not. He is special for the 30th and won’t be released again.

Q:Now that the 30th sub is over, I kinda miss it.  Any chances of a new concept, filmation, or anything addon sub for 2013?

A: Nothing to announce right now!


I’ll take “Nothing to announce right now” as we will announce something at NYTF in February.  Shame Castle Grayskullman won’t come back either, but it’s also a shame Fisto isn’t either.  Oh well!  Catch you all next time!

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