MOTUC News: Granamyr Boxed, Shipping Delays, Christmas Prince Adam

He’s almost here! Well, almost almost here for some as the news came down yesterday that Granamyr may have a “slight” delay.  According to the man who never sleeps, Toy Guru, they have not gotten their full allotment of Granamyr and will be shipping what they have in the order they are purchased.

So what does this mean for me? Get yourself ready on December 17, 2012. Get a good night’s sleep, do some stretches, and get those fingers loose prior to the 12 EST/9 PST sale time. You need to be first! Don’t let the Matty “white screen of death” put you off, mash that F5 button until your keyboard winces in pain. Get your order in quick so you can get your Granamyr and anything else you order with him as soon as possible.

The same situation happened last year with Demo Man, and he ended up shipping around the second week of January! Hope, pray, and eat your vitamins so that you get in on that first shipment.  You can do this Hulkamaniacs, I have faith in you all … but let me order mine as well, thanks!

But enough crazy overreaction from me, here is Granamyr’s box front and back:

Rudy Obrero did a bang up job on the art, I’m really excited to see his work on Castle Grayskull.  I hope they just continue to tap him for all box art, the man has a great vision for Masters of the Universe.

In other news, Joe Amato has a really cool custom of Prince Adam as Santa up on eBay.  This Santa Prince Adam comes custom carded and all with a new bio.  Check out the auction, it’s already higher than I can afford.

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