MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review + Gallery

We may not be getting Castle Grayskull until 2013, but we can sleep easy at night knowing we have Castle Grayskullman watching over us.  Castle Grayskullman is the final figure of six in the Masters of the Universe Classics 30th Anniversary line.  Just like the first figure in the series, Fearless Photog, Castle Grayskullman is also a winner of a fan-creation contest.  The winner is a fellow named Daniel Benedict, who seems like a pretty cool guy going as far as to make commercials for Castle Grayskullman.  Castle Grayskullman is an excellent addition to the Classics line not just because he bares a striking resemblance to Hulk Hogan, but because he just embodies everything that is fun about Masters of the Universe.

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Castle Grayskullman
Release Date: 11/15/2012 (30th Anniversary Subscription)
Price: $2o.00 sub / $22.00 non sub
Faction: Heroic Embodiment of Castle Grayskull
Real Name: Not Applicable

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review

I’m not sure what to say about this guy.  Castle Grayskullman (CGM) is just a cool figure, much like all (most if you want to nitpick) of the 30th Anniversary figures have turned out to be.  CGM is the living embodiment of the flagship playset we thought we would never see in the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  So it is a bit hard to take in that we are getting both a castle and a figure based on the castle within roughly a year’s time.

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review
To cook a fish, so juicy sweet …

Castle Grayskullman uses the typical MOTUC figure buck with a removable chest piece textured like the castle.  He has Whiplash shoulders which double up nicely as rock and scale, and newly sculpted forearms and feet.  The rest of his body is smooth which is a little disappointing as I’m sure they could find a use for rocky/scaled body parts.  Also if you look closely at his knees, when you bend his legs you can see an “R” or “L” etched into his knee joints.  Clearly they have become so afraid of reversed parts they have begun to sculpt directions right into the figures!  Of course we’ve never seen reversed legs so I guess they are just being cautious.

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review
Castle Grayskullman! What are you doing with the magical orb stand?

Our hero comes with a nice little collection of accessories.  He has two swords that are based in color and sculpt off the flags that hang off the top of the castle.  He also has a shield which bares the crest of the castle’s drawbridge.  The amount of detail that was put into the shield is fantastic, especially in a year where we have seen paint applications cut from accessories (like Stinkor).  Yes, it is true that Castle Grayskullman is one hundred percent based off of the castle he is named after.  I can only hope that they put a chamber in Castle Grayskull for CGM to hang out in.

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review
This fish could use some marinade!

Castle Grayskullman has a pretty wild look, very Hulk Hogan and eighties.  He has long flowing greenish-blonde hair coming out of the top of his head making his crown look almost like a headband.  I prefer to imagine CGM as an eighties rocker, and you can too if you have some old Palisades Muppets instruments they fit Castle Grayskullman and all MOTUC figures pretty well!  In my Masters of the Universe canon CGM likes to rock out and play metal music, similar to Christopher Lee.

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review

The idea and execution of Castle Grayskullman is definitely one of the high points of the Masters of the Universe Classics line this year.  I don’t necessarily think he is THE figure of the year because the competition is so stiff.  However, like most of the 30th Anniversary figures, he’s a cool design that works well with Masters of the Universe.  He also breaths some new life into the property, and I love when new characters are added to the Master’s universe.  Unfortunately I don’t have too much to say about CGM, he was as good as I expected and I just really enjoy him.

MOTUC Castle Grayskullman Review

Where can you get Castle Grayskullman?  He was one of those really quick sell-outs we haven’t seen in a while.  Your best bet would be to hit Amazon and grab him quick.  According to Mattel they have run through all stock of him, so whats out there now is what is always going to be there.

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