Warlords of the Universe: Customizing Set on Sale 12/12/2012

Have you heard about the Warlords of the Universe?  Don’t look at me for answers as I don’t really look deep into storytelling.  But what I can tell you is that Joe Amaro is going to be selling a kick-ass custom kit for Masters of the Universe Classic’s Castle Grayskullman.  This kit will include a base, head, and helmet and will sell for $25 ($30 international) plus $7 for shipping.  For those that have bought the Kevin Kosse custom heads, you will know you typically pay around $20 after shipping for a custom head.  Warlords of the Universe is taking it to another level and giving you not just the head but a base and helmet for only a few dollars more.

As is typical with most of these custom runs like the Hammer or Manta Raider, these will be extremely limited.  So if you are looking to get in, be on this site at 9 pm EST 12/12/2012.  If you have tickets to the Hurricane Sandy Relief show, I suggest scalping them now because hurricane relief comes and goes, but having an awesome Joe Amaro custom is a once in a lifetime experience.  Check out the pictures below and tell me this isn’t an awesome set?

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