MOTU Comics: Digital First #8 – She-Ra

Well it has been almost two months since the last Masters of the Universe Digital First issue.  Last time we had a Trap Jaw issue that seemed to bridge the previous comics together.  This month we focus on She-Ra, only with She-Ra it is not a back story.  This is either a future story or it has been put into the comic series’ continuity because She-Ra is working for the Horde.

I really like She-Ra’s Hordak outfit, but I am sure it is a pipe-dream we will ever see a toy of it.  This issue has a good amount of story, but I am not sure where it is leading.  It ends in a “to be continued in …” and I am assuming this is in the actual books that are being released.  I don’t know!

Grab the new issue on your computer or phone through Comixology.  I’m sure you could spend a dollar on worse, I know I have!

Info –

Masters of the Universe Digital First #8 – She-Ra
Story – Mike Costa
Cover and Art – Drew Johnson
Cost – .99
Pages – 23
Release Date – 12/7/2012

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