NECA Confirms Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replica

Hot off the heels of a banner year for the NECA Portal 2 Aperture Sciences Handheld Portal Device, they have gone on to confirm their next release. Coming Spring 2013 is the Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun replica!

The Gravity Gun also known as the “zero-point energy field manipulator” was a major weapon used in Half-Life 2 to show off and take advantage of their physics engine. I’d say prior to the Portal series it was one of the more iconic weapons in video gaming after the obvious crowbar, FF7’s Cloud sword, or the Doom BFG (but NECA doesn’t have the Doom or Final Fantasy license so that doesn’t really come into play).

Not the NECA version but a prop none-the-less … expect something similar!

Hopefully this means there will be a dark energy variant as well down the line.

If you want to get ahold of NECA’s prior Valve prop work check out the following:

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