MOTUC Granamyr Review + Gallery

I’d always pictured Smaug from the Hobbit as looking very similar to Granamyr.  There may be some subliminal influence to that as I don’t remember Granamyr from my childhood but I very well could have seen his episode and used that as my visual cue.  I have no idea.  The good news is that my Hobbit figures now have a Smaug; at least until either Bridge Direct makes one or the visualization is ruined by the actual Smaug next December when I see Hobbit 2: Return of the Hobbit.

MOTUC Granamyr Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Granamyr
Release Date: 12/17/2012 (Non Subscription)
Price: $80.00
Faction: Eternian Dragon Faction
Real Name: Granamyr the Wise

MOTUC Granamyr Review

Well that big $80 huge dragon is finally here, and December 2012 marks the month (for us who did not get hit too hard with the delay) of Granamyr’s debut in action figure form.  The great news is that the December sale date came and everyone got their orders in, so Granamyr has arrived in great condition making every collector happy.  Wait this didn’t happen?  Oh yes it wouldn’t be Matty if there wasn’t some kind of an issue.  There have been some problems, and I would say it is still too early to tell how widespread they are.  So you can be of the mindset that it is just a couple people online being loud, or that there is a general fault in the figure’s design.  I am siding with the latter as it seems the same problems continue to come up.  If you want to check out my experiences with his breakage feel free to read this.  I was able to fix mine and have some suggestions of how to keep him from breaking in the first place.

MOTUC Granamyr Review
If Mattel will not make me vehicles I will create my own!

Granamyr is a big red dragon if you go by the filmation cartoon, or if you are more a mini-comic or that map we got with Shadow Weaver then he is green.  I seriously doubt they will ever come back to recolor Granamyr so this is probably the only one we will get.  If we do get a green one, however, I will use them as my Christmas display every year on out.  It’s also worth noting that two Granamyrs will cost just about as much as my tree.

MOTUC Granamyr Review

Granamyr is meant to be posed sitting.  If you try to make him stand he looks like he has a pair of atrophied legs fresh from getting his casts off.  When he is sitting he is a little over twelve inches tall.  He maybe has about an inch on any of the previous MOTUC giants.  If you want to stand him up on his legs he will measure about two feet tall.  The kicker is probably no one will be posing him standing because he looks silly doing so, and his legs are far too thin to hold up that big body.  So writing that he is 23″ tall on the website is slightly misleading.  He’s large and imposing, but no one is going to have their Granamyr standing two feet tall over their display.

MOTUC Granamyr Review

His main section or base is his lower torso which is rotocast and thus hollow.  The tail, legs, and upper body all connect here.  All of his appendages move on a swivel so you will only get a circular motion out of his legs and arms.  He does have ball joints at both the knees and elbows which leave you a good amount of posing options.  He also has a ball on his wrists and ankles.  I’ve mentioned the breakage issues with the arm sockets so I won’t bore you too much, but just be careful when inserting the arms … those sockets will pop into the body very easily so hold that part in place from the inside when putting him together.

MOTUC Granamyr Review

When you buy an $80+ dollar rotocast figure you can expect a few problems for such a low price!  The first thing to watch out for is the socket breakage I mentioned earlier.  Next pray his tail can stay snapped into the figure, I have heard a lot of talk this is a common problem that I personally have not had to deal with.  Finally be careful with the paint on the upper and lower torso parts.  I’m not sure if it is just mine but the paint chips away with little to no effort.  Through the process of putting on his head (which you will probably notice when you do it, it’s a little tough!) I made a couple choice scratches on the neck.  I also got a few straight line scratches on the belly that I have no clue how I did them.  Sure, the neck scratches can mostly be covered up by the head, and the belly scratches are only noticeable if you are looking for them.  But it stinks that a figure I have to put together is so susceptible to those kinds of blemishes.

MOTUC Granamyr Review

I like Granamyr a lot.  I know this seems contradictory to my previously documented experience, but I really enjoy the figure.  Unfortunately for something I really like I had to pay too much (in my opinion), work through some breakage, and deal with the dreaded Mattycollector customer service.  But once you put him in your display it really kind of pays off.  I never doubted the Four Horsemen can do a great job making Masters of the Universe come to life, but seeing him in person is just amazing.  He’s a great dragon, a great sculpt, and has a very unique pose.  The detail sculpted into the body is tremendous as you can feel every scale and wart.  While he may only be about as tall as the giants he still dwarfs them in size because of his width.  Granamyr is a huge presence on a shelf.  Similar to Procrustus, when you add the ball joint on the elbow it adds a lot of posing options, and Granamyr was made with those poses in mind.

MOTUC Granamyr Review

Is Granamyr worth the hefty price tag?  I am of the opinion that he costs far too much for what we got.  However I also want a Granamyr in my MOTUC display so Mattel has me by the balls on this one.  The quality control issues are concerning, especially when fans just pledged $250 for a Castle Grayskull.  The anger over breakage and defective figures is only going to ramp up ten-fold when people are dropping the big money on the Castle.  I hope they get some of these issues sorted out and not just chock it up to a couple of fans making a lot of noise.  When you start dealing in very expensive action figures, people are going to be more critical and it’s a lot harder to just keep your head in the sand.

Do you want a Granamyr to call your own?  You should because he rocks and is still available (although at the moment about to sell out) at  If he sells out there Amazon is a good choice as well.

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