ThreeA: Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body

Earlier in the year unpainted prototypes were shown by ThreeA of their Portal 2 P-Body and Atlas.  There was little info, but that is apparently how ThreeA operates.

What is ThreeA you ask?  Well quite honestly I don’t know much about them either.  Throughout the years I have seen their World War Robot line in pictures from various collections but have never been particularly interested in collecting their stuff.  They have done some other stuff with Valve including using the companion cube theme for a robot and I saw a replica of the TF2 Heavy’s “Sandvich.”  The other day at ACG Comic Con the painted robot duo was spotted and a picture was taken thanks to the ThreeA blog:


Atlas and P-body look like they are going to be 1/6 scale so they should go well with your Hot Toys (or most other) collection.  After browsing the ThreeA website I would also fathom these may get pretty expensive.  They look really well done, maybe slightly more weathered than I would expect, but I imagine ThreeA is putting their own creative stamp on the figures.

In my investigation work into this duo, I came upon a YouTube video of a guy who is into the ThreeA scene.  I’m posting this because I love the fact he has a “1/6 Scale of Fail” t-shirt.  So I want you to enjoy this video and t-shirt as well!

Of course if you can’t afford the ThreeA toys, NECA is going to be releasing Atlas, P-Body, and Chell later this year.  And their Atlas is looking killer as well in the early prototype phase.  We’ll keep you updated on this ThreeA duo as it has piqued my interest.

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