Onell Design Aurustell Elite & Stealth MKII Armorvor Review

I’m a recent jumper on the Onell Design hype train.  However in a matter of two product drops I am now hooked and look forward to their next sale date.  Their last drop date was December 12, 2012 and I was planning on expanding on and from my Armorvor collection, but unfortunately Christmas stuff got in the way and the Syclodoc sold out in roughly five minutes.  I did, however, add two new Armorvors to my collection: the Aurustell Elite and Stealth MKII.

Onell Design Aurustell Elite & Stealth MKII Armorvor Review

I love the color scheme of the new Auristell Elite.  He comes in bright gold with black and red accents.  The optional wolf head is all black with red eyes.  Seeing pictures prior to my purchase I didn’t think I would like the Auristell Elite as much as the Verexxan version I got last drop.  Well my suspicions were all for nought, because the gold adds a very strong presence to the display and he fits in rather well.  My prefered look with the Auristell Elite is the “ears back” wolf-like helmet.  I like his unmasked wolf head, but I enjoy it a lot more on the Verexxan Armorvor.

Onell Design Aurustell Elite & Stealth MKII Armorvor Review

Speaking of swapping heads around this caused me to move the Verexxan yellow wolf head over to the Stealth MKII version.  Confused yet?  Well let’s get into the Stealth MKII, I’m not sure what makes him different from the Stealth Armorvor that was issued during the October drop.  He is your standard Armorvor that comes with the extra head and weapon.  On the Stealth MKII everything is in clear plastic.

Onell Design Aurustell Elite & Stealth MKII Armorvor Review

Describing these guys is cool and all, but you really need to have one in hand to appreciate them.  Because they use the “Glyos System” the Armorvor’s parts can all be taken apart and put on other figures.  In the proper hands this can lead to some really creative endeavours.  I’m really not all that creative, the best I can do is take the arms off of a Crayboth and plug his legs into them.

Onell Design Aurustell Elite & Stealth MKII Armorvor Review

I’ve probably said it before but these guys make a nice little collection, especially for someone who might be into the Battle Beast scene.  I do hope in the future they plan to add more heads for these figures because that would be cool to get additional animals in their ranks.  For now, though, color scheme changes are fine by me because they have all been really cool thus far.  You do have to keep up with Onell Design a bit to make sure you get these because once they are gone you are out of luck.  I don’t believe Onell goes back and does second runs of these figures.

Onell Design Aurustell Elite & Stealth MKII Armorvor Review

I promise on the next drop I will buy something new, then I can show off my Armorvors with something, I haven’t decided what that will be yet.

I’m trying to grow as a photographer, so I tried this new thing to me called a “backdrop.”  I think the dark red might have been too much so I’ll experiment some more and try to make something better.  We’ll also be sure to report on the next Onell Drop, but if you are looking for other Glyos and indie toys info my buddy DrRampageo over at Doomkick is always on top of things.  I suggest you bookmark his place as well because he will keep you informed.

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