NECA Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Preorders Up!

It looks as though this is the day Half-Life cosplayers have been waiting for!  Preorders are now officially up for the Half-Life 2 Zero Point Energy Manipulator (or the Gravity Gun) and they are going fast!  NECA has updated their blog with links to retailers selling the gun.

Similar to the Portal Gun last year, this is a limited run and each store will most likely have a one per customer rule in effect.  The gun will cost $150 so here are all the places you can grab it along with their price:

The Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun replica will ship in April 2013.  The gun is a 1:1 replica of the device used by Dr. Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2.  It will light up and include a hidden kick-stand for display purposes.


If you want to get a feel for the quality of this item you can check out my review of their previous Valve replica weapon: the Portal Gun.  You can also grab the customizable Portal Gun kit from Amazon still for about $100 if you are looking to keep your Valve replica collection up to date!

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