MOTUC Procrustus Review + Gallery

There is only one thing to ask yourself when going to purchase this figure.  Are you PRO-crustus and ANTI-crustus?  Bad puns aside I am all PRO-crustus, from the reveal to the eventual arrival at my house I had been looking forward to this guy.  When I get excited about things the eventual payoff isn’t always as satisfying as I had hoped.  This was also a year where we saw a handful of cuts to figures in order to save money or “cost out.”  Luckily this guy avoided the cost cutting hatchet of 2012 and came out exactly how he was shown at SDCC.

MOTUC Procrustus Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Procrustus
Release Date: 12/17/2012 (Subscription – Quarterly Beast/Giant)
Price: $40.00 ($44.00 non sub)
Faction: Giant Guardian of Magic
Real Name: Procrustus

MOTUC Procrustus Review

We got a couple of giants this month, Procrustus and Granamyr.  The one thing to consider during a month like this is how much shelf space is going to be occupied once everything is shipped and opened.  Procrustus doesn’t take up a whole lot of space because while he is tall, he isn’t all that thick.  He’s only slightly thicker than Megator because he has arms protruding out of his back.  On the other hand there is Granamyr!

MOTUC Procrustus Review

While Procrustus’ legs are a direct reuse of Megator the rest of his body is all new from his “skirt” on up.  He has a sandy-brown paint and texture all over his body giving the illusion that he is made of rock.  If you have ever played World of Warcraft and more specifically raided Ulduar in Northrend (WOW nerd overload sorry!) then this guy looks like he was ripped right out of there.  He really gives that “Titan of Eternia” vibe.

MOTUC Procrustus Review

I never thought Megator or Tytus were worth the $40 asking price when they were released.  A lot of this has to do with the severe lack of articulation on both figures.  They have the basic rotocast hinges at the shoulders, hips, and neck.  They also really can’t look anywhere but straight ahead due to how the head pops onto the neck ball.  Procrustus is a huge improvement and all he really adds is a bicep swivel and a little more room for the head to move around.  The bicep swivels make a huge difference in being able to pose him.  Just adding that additional dimension of movement opens him up to a ton of poses.  This has been such a “cut things to save money” year I was honestly afraid Procrustus’ articulation would be one of the considerations to go.  But I have to hand it to Mattel they delivered the product we were promised and the added features make a world of difference from the first batch of giants.

MOTUC Procrustus Review

Maybe it is just desensitization but the price feels about right for this guy.  You get a good amount of new tooling, improved articulation, and some really nice paint applications for the same price as Tytus or Megator.

You could say his legs don’t fit in as well with the rest of the body because while the upper body has a rock-like texture, the legs are both very smooth.  It doesn’t bother me but it was something I noticed right away.  I suppose at some point they didn’t want this to be a 100% new tooling which is fine because they used the new tools on the important parts.

MOTUC Procrustus Review

Procrustus comes with one accessory and that is the Star Seed.  I’ve said in this review a few times they really thought out this release and I will continue that sentiment over this accessory.  Back when we got King Grayskull he came with an orb, but that orb had no place to go.  Mine managed to roll off my desk and disappear forever.  You could tell me to look behind the desk, but I moved and when I went to find the orb it was gone.  Maybe a mouse took it, or a baby ate it … who knows?  It wasn’t until over a year later we got a stand to hold that orb with TOD Sorceress.  This time around the accessory can be held.  They shaped his right hand so that he can be holding the Star Seed.  The other great part about being able to hold the Star Seed is that he still has three more arms and hands at your disposal so you don’t feel like you need to make choices.

MOTUC Procrustus Review

There probably won’t be any giants in 2013 barring some completely out of left-field announcement this February.  I’m not even sure what giants are actually left, are there any?  There are still a lot of dinosaurs to do, and steeds.  I’m not sure what their plans are for those larger figures since the plan going forward seems to entail getting vintage characters done … but we will see.  My point is that I am enjoying Procrustus not only because he is a good figure, but he will probably be the last giant for a while.  I think he is a great addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics collection and by FAR the best giant they have made thus far.

Do you want Procrustus?  Amazon has him in stock and ready to roll out to your house, at only a slight mark up too.  Go grab that right the hell now!

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4 thoughts on “MOTUC Procrustus Review + Gallery”

  1. Great review! Crusty really surprised me…when I first saw him all I thought was meh and even at NYCC I was underwhelmed ,but one he showed up at my home he grew on me.
    What’s that big axe from? It looks familiar but I can’t place it

  2. Thanks! The big Axe was from Gygor … works pretty well with him too! Trying to track down a weapon for each hand was a little tough.

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  4. OMG – you rock! This is so awesome!And such a great healthy snack, if you are losing weight. I tasted a spoonful as I was making it and an hour later, I can still taste the garlic!the heat is great and actually think I will add more HOT Hungarian Paprika – has a great kick!Thank you for such an awesome recipe!!!!

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