NECA Django Unchained 8″ Action Dolls In Stock!

If you have been looking forward to Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino’s new western movie coming Christmas day, then you should check out NECA’s new 8″ action dolls line.  Better yet, order them right now as they are in stock at Amazon!

NECA announced a while back that they would be doing a throwback type of line similar to MEGO using real tailored clothes.  I don’t think we actually ever got to see them before release but they are available now.  Wave one consists of the following figures (click links if you want to purchase):

This is a pretty cool set of figures, the clothes look good and for the most part the head sculpts are right on.  People into MEGO will be right at home, but it’s a fitting release for the type of movie being done.  NECA probably took a bit of a risk straying from their normal movie format and I hope it pays off for them.  What kid wouldn’t want to snuggle up at night with a Sam Jackson doll?  Like I said before the figures are 8″ tall, have tailored western clothing, and movie accurate weapons and accessories.

You can also grab the whole set by clicking here.  It may not get to you in time for Christmas, but at least you will have them shortly after watching the movie!  Check out the gallery below to see pictures of the figures:

[nggallery id=119]

2 thoughts on “NECA Django Unchained 8″ Action Dolls In Stock!”

    1. I don’t mind the Jamie Foxx, and even so Tarantino usually brings out the best in actors he uses so I’m pretty pumped for it. If you hate Jamie, Christoph Waltz appears to be just as much a headliner in this movie so you got that too!

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