Amazon Exclusive Walking Dead Minimates Available Now!

As reported earlier in the month, Amazon is going to have an exclusive set of Walking Dead Minimates.  Well, the day has come and they are officially in stock.  For those not in the know this set contains Battle Damaged Rick Grimes in his prison garb, Michonne, and two exclusive zombies.  The four-pack is $20 and, like I said previously IN STOCK at Amazon right the hell now!


This set joins the first series which is currently out, and the second series which should be out very shortly.  If you need to catch up on the series I suggest checking over at Amazon and grabbing a few two-packs with your exclusive order.  Also feel free to check out our Walking Dead Minimates checklist in case you wanted to see the scope of the line.

Oh and I should mention they are based on the comic, just in case you are the type that prefers that over the television show (I do).

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