Ask Matty – December 15, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Ask Matty, the feature that asks the question, “What can Radagast the Brown do for YOU?”  This month we pick the brain of one Scott the Toy Guru on things like Cy-Chop, Clamp Champ, Ram Man, and Horde Troopers.  Will we get the answers we want?  Probably not.  But we’ll have some fun anyway.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, happy holiday, and all that good stuff.  Make sure to grab your Granamyr on Monday if you are so inclined, and also watch out as some of the sub orders have been delayed so you may not have Procrustus under your tree …

[box style=”note”]Q: I know this is it for the 30th Anniversary sub, but I am very interested to see Terry’s pre-accident Cy-Chop, any chance that concept could ever come to life?

A: Terry has confirmed he is interested in doing this. But it would be in his spare time and he has not gotten around to this yet.

Q: If Horde Troopers hypothetically came out this year, would their heads be removable like other figures so we could make He-Man in Horde Trooper disguise?  Would that be something you consider when deciding to make them?

A: We simply don’t have an answer to this as we don’t have a Horde Trooper in the works. This would be a cool way to execute them but only time will tell.

Q: Will Ram Man have any cuts in his skirt to help with his leg articulation?  Of late Eternos Randor and Dekker’s legs have been rendered a little useless when a simple cut on the side would open them up.

A: No, he does not have cuts in his skirt.

Q: We’ve seen a good majority of 2013’s offerrings already.  Is the MOTUC presence at NY Toy Fair going to be scaled back or should we expect to see the rest of 2013?  Or maybe surprises?

A: You will see about the same number of skus noting that the 30th figures are not part of the 2013 roll out and we showed several “30th” figures at NYCC last year.

Q: Any chance that Clamp Champ can come with a championship belt?  I mean he is the Champ!

A: No, he does not come with a championship belt. [/box]

Well there you have it, let the disappointment set in that Clamp Champ WILL NOT come with a championship belt.  If there was ever a cost cutting technique that really screwed the fans, this would be it.  RIP Clamp Champ.

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