Reminder: Matty Sale Date Monday 12/17/2012

Our final sale date from will be Monday, 12/17/2012 since the 15th of the month falls on Saturday.  As usual the sale will start a 12PM EST or 9AM PST and some stuff may sell out quick.  This sale is also kind of important because it is the last sale before the 2013 price increases, where all basic MOTUC figures will go up to $27 outside subscriptions.  This will include the evergreen products like He-Man and Skeletor, so if you were contemplating grabbing any of them you may want to act now to save yourself about $5 each.

It does not look like they have any reissues for this month, but they do have the delayed Granamyr … that you may be able to get in early and he will ship right away but I wouldn’t count on that.  Here is the link and the lineup:

Masters of the Universe Classics:

  • Granamyr ($80)
  • Mosquitor ($22)
  • Procrustus ($44)

DC Infinite Earths:

  • Platinum and Tin ($18)
  • Lead ($35)

Justice League Unlimited:

  • Toyman / Firefly / Dr. Destiny ($30)

The rest is the evergreen figures including the newest addition, the Great Unrest Weapons Pak!  Castle Grayskull is also still on sale until January so get in on that before it’s too late.  Good luck Monday everyone and I hope your stuff arrives before Christmas (except Granamyr, I’m not even going to entertain the thought he makes it by the end of December).

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