MOTUC Netossa Review + Gallery

There is something to be said about how Masters of the Universe characters are named.  They were obviously assigned identities based on what they did so little kids would not get confused and attempt to ram things with Stinkor.  Thankfully they did not use this convention with Netossa.  I have no clue where they got the name but it is lovely, just like her captivating beauty.  Netossa is also a bit of a benchmark for the culturally aware as she is the first black female in the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  This is a great accomplishment but it leads me to a question I have pondered since New York Comic Con.

MOTUC Netossa Review
Rob … Van … DAM!

After seeing Clamp Champ revealed during the Mattypolooza panel at New York Comic Con they hosted a Q&A session.  One of the first questions was asked by a purple brony who was curious if Clamp Champ had smooth or sculpted abs under his armor, hoping the answer was sculpted so he could use the African-American buck.  That had me thinking, you can’t call an Eternian native like Clamp Champ or Netossa an “African-American” because in Eternia neither of these exist?  I’ve seen a few people refer to Netossa and Clamp Champ as African-American, and I don’t know … it just seems weird to me.  Maybe I just thought too much into it?  Probably.

MOTUC Netossa Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Netossa
Release Date: 01/15/2013 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Faction: Princess of Power (Great Rebellion I guess?)
Real Name: Vivian Redretta

Netossa starts off the 2013 season of Masters of the Universe Classics.  That is correct, the entire line for the rest of the year is relying on her to be the benchmark of quality and value for our new price point of $25 a figure (or $27 if you buy them day-of sale).  For the most part she pulls this off because because the “captivating beauty” is accurate, even if it is partially wordplay.  Unfortunately she falls a little flat on the value due to some poor accessory planning by Mattel.  I think Mattel also missed a MAJOR opportunity by not making her real name Natasha, there is a enough hokey wordplay in the bio I think it was warranted.

MOTUC Netossa Review

I like Netossa a whole lot.  The Princess of Power girls have always turned out great in this line and Netossa is no exception to that.  She has a very unique outfit and it looks great.  Unfortunately the engineering department hasn’t noticed in the past five or so releases that these hard skirts restrict the legs.  All they had to do, again, was put some slits in the side and this wouldn’t be an issue.  I’m looking forward to the Netossa 2.0 release that can ride the Netossa-mobile coming in 2016.  She can get better movement than Eternos Palace Randor, but I prefer someone who tosses nets to be able to get into some athletic poses.

MOTUC Netossa Review

I’m going to say some nice things about Netossa before I hit the elephant in the room.  Her paint is very sharp.  She also may or may not have stolen the white on her boots and bracers from Frosta.  The face is very sharp and the sculpted blue hair looks great.  She has two flaps glued into the sides of her head and it took me a while to figure out what they were.  At first I thought they were just really huge earrings, but that was not the case.  Looking at old artwork these are actually the top part of the cloak that sticks out past the choker around her neck.  Unfortunately they are also there when she takes her cape off so I am sticking with them being either large earrings or a decorative headpiece instead of the correct answer.

MOTUC Netossa Review

Netossa’s cape is big, blue, and rubbery; and apparently counts as an accessory.  Her only other accessory is a recolored She-Ra shield.  I consider a cape to be part of the figure so as far as I’m concerned she comes with one solitary pack-in.  This is where timing is everything and Mattel really chose the wrong month to cheap out on a figure by not even including a weapon.  I can almost understand at some point in the year having a figure that gets a cut or loses an accessory for whatever reason, it has happened before and it will again.  However when you are trying to usher in this $5 increase per figure in order to “keep the same level of detail and accessories,” and then the first figure has one accessory it just doesn’t leave a good taste in the mouth.  Word is that there will be a weapons pak with a sword for her, but it honestly should have been included to begin with.  Netossa needs something to cut her nets after she traps evil Horde members.  A lot of people think a spear is the way to go, however I’m partial to a dagger or knife.  Thankfully Evil-Lyn’s knife almost matches her color scheme.

MOTUC Netossa Review

Netossa is a great figure that I dearly like, but she is not a $25 figure.  When we have seen figures like Fisto and Draego-Man go for $20 there is no way to accept a complete lack of accessories as we got with her.  Thankfully from what we have seen for the rest of the year this does not appear to be the norm, so I will sit content knowing this.  Netossa also gives you a chance to use another one of those 14 Great Rebellion stickers you got with last year’s subscription.  As far as the actual figure, I think Netossa is one of my favorite Princess of Power figures after you piece together She-Ra from both of her releases.

MOTUC Netossa Review

Do you want some of this?  Much like every month Netossa is sold out on Mattycollector, but fear not as Amazon has her in stock!  It’s also worth mentioning that if you are looking for additional POP ranks the Star Sisters are fairly cheap to be had as well.

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