The Walking Dead Minimates: Series 3 Revealed

The Walking Dead Minimates are heading to jail.  Diamond Select has decided the next wave of The Walking Dead Minimates will be themed after the prison story arc.  I’d imagine there are a couple of reasons for this but the main one being the television show is currently on this storyline as well.  Sure these are based on the comic but that is an easy way to get cross-media fans into the line.

This looks to take place prior to meeting the Governor, so fans of his will have to wait a little bit longer on him.  The series looks to include the following figures:

  • Rick (Riot Gear)
  • Tyrese (Shirtless, beat up)
  • Hershel
  • Dexter
  • Farmer Zombie
  • Zombie Prison Guard
  • Zombie in Dreadlocks

The breakdowns are as follows: Rick/Prison Guard Zombie and Dexter/Dreadlock Zombie will be in both the TRU and specialty shop assortments.  Hershel/Farmer Zombie is specialty shop exclusive with Tyrese/Farmer Zombie being the rare variant.  Toys “R” Us exclusives have not been revealed yet.

Don’t forget you can still get The Walking Dead Minimates series 2 on Amazon now!  Also the Prison Themed Amazon Exclusive 4-Pack will go with your series three figures.  Check out the pictures below of the wave, and keep listening as we’ll have news including the Toys “R” Us packouts and future waves!

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