MOTUC Ram Man Review + Gallery

It seems like forever ago now this whole Masters of the Universe Classics thing started.  Looking back it has been a hell of a line, getting us over 100+ characters from all facets of the MOTU mythology.  The line has been very successful as far as character coverage, but there has always been one big missing piece that we can finally put behind us: Ram Man.  He’s been the big “want” for many fans for probably as long as the line has existed.  Mattel’s use of the “buck” system has a lot to do with why he is coming to us so late, because his body is only going to be used once.  So Mattel waited on Ram Man, worrying many fans that he might never get made before the end of the line.  As would be expected they ended up using him as bait for the 2013 subscription, and I’m sure it worked and he sold a good many subs.  I’m also sure a ton of people tried to get him online when he sold out in about five minutes the day he went up for sale.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

Ram Man is here and he is everything I could have expected.  I love him but I’m not sure I feel the satisfaction I thought I would get when he arrived.  Don’t get me wrong I love my Masters of the Universe Classics but other suitors have been catching my eye, taking my love, and spreading it out a little more.  When I started collecting MOTUC, I had been out of toy collecting for at least a few years.  I thought I was done, I finally grew up and was going to save my money and be a responsible parent.  Well that didn’t quite happen.  MOTUC brought me back in and it was my exclusive toy line for the first couple of years.  Then I started this site about a year and a half ago to chronicle my Masters of the Universe Classics collection.  This is where it all went south.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

I started as a MOTUC themed site (hence the name!) and then started to expand my horizons rather quickly.  I can probably blame NECA because I really started to pick up on the amazing work they’ve been doing the past few years.  This got me listening and reporting news for all the companies.  I wanted to know what was going on and of course like any drug addict attempting to sell I had to have a taste myself.  So it was NECA figures, then Glyos, more NECA, and all of a sudden I’m picking up Transformers again.  I was back in the fold and probably spending too much on toys.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

So lets bring this back to Masters of the Universe Classics.  I’m at the point in the line where unless it’s a big name (Mantenna, Jitsu, Ram Man) I have to do a little research to figure out who the new reveals are.  This isn’t a bad thing because the Four Horsemen are still making amazing figures and I continue to be happy with them.  But I’ve started to consider MOTUC to be my sick wife who I know is winding down and will probably become terminal soon.  When the news drops I won’t be sad, I’ll just understand it has been a long hard road but we did it together and certainly made the best of it.  The bills got more expensive as we near the end, and they make it a little harder to make ends meet but we endure because of how much we have been together.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

Whereas I gave my Masters of the Universe Classics my full attention those beginning years, when I finally mentally came to grips with the impending end it gave me the strength to look elsewhere.  And this is when I realize there is SO much out there, so much more beauty in the world that I need to experience.  So while I’m excited that my old MOTUC wife is still making beautiful figures, it just doesn’t have the same “WOW” it did when I wasn’t with all these other ladies like NECA, Takara, Fansproject, Onell Design, and everyone else.  So this brings me to today, where one of the greatest figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics has arrived at my house … and he may have been upstaged by a couple of third-party Transformers I got a week ago.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

I may have gotten a little overly dramatic about this whole thing, Ram Man still rocks so lets take a look.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Ram Man
Release Date: 02/15/2013 (Subscription Quarterly Oversized/Variant)
Price: $30.00 ($33.00 non sub)
Faction: Heroic Human Battering Ram
Real Name: Krass

Krass aka Ram Man is in fact, “The Man.”  Not that terrible Eugene Levy/Sam Jackson movie type man either, he is the guy most Masters of the Universe fans were craving to be gotten from the Classics line.  We expected the Horsemen to knock him out of the park and they delivered the goods.  Everything feels right on Ram Man, the size, shape, articulation … it’s all there.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

I really could just end it there but I guess I should write more about Ram Man.  What can you say about an action figure that basically turned out exactly as you hoped?  Well I could start with the extra head.  It’s a great extra head that looks incredible, but it has one simple problem in that it looks odd because his shoulders are made for his helmeted head.  You can pose him at an angle and make it look a little better, but straight on the head kind of floats and looks a little awkward.  This is but a minor problem as extra heads are always a plus.  I even enjoy putting his extra head on other figures for the creep factor.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

The only other con I can think of with this guy is his skirt.  I’ve been saying it for months now that these skirts really restrict articulation.  Ram Man’s is not one of the worst by far, in fact it even has a little give.  But I do wish they would go back to putting strategic cuts in the skirts.  I have no clue why they stopped.

MOTUC Ram Man Review

Should you get Ram Man?  Do you really need to ask that?  Of course you want to get Ram Man.  It’s more of how much do you want to pay at this point?  You could try the old favorite of Amazon, but right now the prices are high.  You could attempt to wait it out and see if the price comes back down to earth, or live in fear that he’ll turn out like Fisto and go higher.  I’m starting to sound like a Matty fear pitch.  Do what you can to get him, don’t go overboard and overextend yourself.  Ram Man is nice, but he’s not worth foreclosure.

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10 thoughts on “MOTUC Ram Man Review + Gallery”

  1. Dude the “Sick Wife” analogy had me dying…incredible.
    I’m taking pics for my Rammy review tomorrow I never should have looked at this…gonna have to make sure and not have him ram Skeletor…wait that sounds bad

    1. Haha, I had to cut it down a bit because it felt a little too over-dramatic. But it’s kind of the way I feel, though I’m not sure if I buy into the line being in trouble all the time. I’d have to guess since we are getting so much product things must be doing well. I dunno, I’ve mostly stopped paying attention to the constant health of MOTUC updates. 😛

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  4. Well, I caved and paid more than Ram Man than I thought I would. He came out to about $23 more than he would have cost had I bought him day of (which I forgot about); but seeing the prices that Fisto is bringing in (I can’t believe it, and didn’t know until you mentioned it) made me think I should go ahead and get him.
    I figure even if I don’t like him I could probably get my money back in a few months, even if he’s loose.

    1. You got a pretty decent price then! I’ve seen them hovering around the $80’s and up on ebay. I have to imagine this year will have a handful of figures that will hit high secondary market prices, Fang Man might be a pain too since they are only selling them to subbers.

      1. Yeah, I work from home and keep my private laptop open next to my work laptop and watch for things to come up. So when I saw one post BIN for $71 shipped, I figured it was probably now or never.
        I do wish he had slits in his skirt for more movement. Especially since, looking at the sculpting, it appears that he doesn’t really have a skirt but hanging straps of leather or cloth; so you could put a slit between each one and I think it would look appropriate.

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