Toy Fair 2013: Goliath Games HolograFX

You wouldn’t know it from reading sites like mine, but action figures are a pretty small part of what is being shown off at the New York Toy Fair.  There are a couple of rows of action figure and licensed goods companies, and then there is everyone else.  Obviously I couldn’t spend the entire day fawning over new action figures, eventually people would start to think of me as a creep.  So I decided to move on to the second floor where some of the larger companies (and booths) were showing off their wares.

I’d like to point out that there were a few times while I was just walking the rows and taking everything in when ambitious people from various booths would see my press badge and pull me in for a demo.  I don’t say this as a complaint because I actually enjoyed seeing something I didn’t expect to see coming into the show.  So, I would like to thank Goliath Games for asking me if I liked holograms, because there is nothing I like more than holograms!  Well maybe magic … but that works out just as much!


Goliath Games has a new toy coming out this fall called the HolograFX.  It combines the two things kids really love: smart phones and magic.  basically the premise is that you set up the HolograFX theater display, download the app to your smart phone (I was told it works with iPhones and Androids) or iPod Touch, set it up in the little projector section, and off you go!  From there you are guided through some cool little magic tricks that kids can do while interacting with the holograms being projected from the phone.  I got a first-hand demonstration of it from the Goliath crew and it was quite a trip!  You also have the ability to record yourself and make a hologram video starring you.

I thought it was a really cool idea, and it looks as though the Toy Fair people did as well because they gave it a “Best New Toys” award for 2013.  If you have kids that are always nagging you for your phone I see this as a great opportunity to give them a fun and different interactive experience with said phone.  My son would go totally nuts for this, so if you want to check it out yourself follow the link.

Let’s face it, most of us guys (or girls) that buy expensive action figures have kids we need to make happy as well.

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