Gothitropolis: Rating the Ravens!

If you mosey on over to the Four Horsemen’s blog, you will see they have done a nice reveal for all the people who couldn’t make it to their Toypocalypse show last month.  As you may have heard the Four Horsemen are embarking on a Kickstarter campaign based around the latest Gothitropolis release: The Raven!  Like the prior releases they will be using a base body and then going nuts from there.  This line will feature many flavors of fowl, something for all tastes.  We do not yet have details on the Kickstarter, or what it will take to get them all … but we do have a good portion of the variants that will be released.

This is where I come in.  I’ve taken it upon myself to rate the first eleven reveals of the Four Horsemen’s Gothitropolis Ravens line:

The White Raven

11 – The Owl – There is nothing bad about the Owl, he just doesn’t really do anything for me.  I’d actually maybe go a step further and instead of giving the owl the melee lance perhaps he could hold some type of havoc staff like Skeletor.  It would be a fun way to play to the “wisdom of the owl” stereotype.

10 – The Griffin – I really like the gold and green armor the Griffin has.  I’m not a huge fan of the actual Griffin look.  I always felt like Griffins were dollar store eagles.  That may make me a racist in the bird world, but I can’t apologize for the way I was raised.

09 – The Falcon – This guy reminds me of a character that would show up in World of Warcraft.  More than likely because of the blue and gold armor accented by the bright yellow legs.  If Blizzard wasn’t too busy rehashing troll instances, maybe they would have a guy like this instead of delegating them to Sethekk Halls.

The Phoenix

08 – The Raven – The man (or bird) this is all based upon, he’s very sharp.  Only really upstaged by a variant of himself …

07 – White Raven – Everything The Raven is, but in a lovely white shade!

06 – The Quetzalcoatl – I’m not quite sure what this guy is.  I don’t think he’s a bird as his face is pretty obviously lizard-like.  He’s pretty cool looking though so I would not be opposed to owning him.

05 – The Phoenix – Phoenixes rock, check out his burning head.

04 – Minotaur the Duck – So goofy that there is nothing not to love.  Yet I hate ducks and Canadian geese, so he can’t get top billing but he does get an auto-purchase.  I think I turned on ducks shortly after that Afleck duck said horrible things about tsunami victims.  I’ll just never be able to forgive that little duck.

03 – The Vulture – Vultures rule, if you don’t like this figure you hate America (or whatever country you are from).

The Cardinal

02 – The Rooster – It was a tough call between this guy and the Cardinal for the top spot.  Obviously I will do whatever it takes (within reason) to get a hold of these guys.  As long as it isn’t some $1,000 Kickstarter contribution I am totally in.  I’m kind of like Meat Loaf, I say I’d do anything for love until you actually tell me something then I realize I won’t do it.  Wait was that the story of “Bat Out of Hell” or did my mind just make that up?

01 – The Cardinal – I’m not even from St. Louis, in fact I was at the 2010 playoff game where they knocked my Phillies out of the post-season.  God damn is this a majestic looking bird.  My favorite color is red, and you may notice I have a bias towards that color in my list.  If you want to get in the top five then you need to fit my special color palette.

So that’s how I feel about the reveals thus far.  Keep an eye out here or the Four Horsemen’s blog for the latest info on this series.

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10 thoughts on “Gothitropolis: Rating the Ravens!”

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  2. The Quetzalcoatl: a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and has the meaning of “feathered serpent”. The worship of a feathered serpent deity is first documented in Teotihuacan in the first century BC or first century AD

          1. Well thanks Flutterlicious but i have just asked Tj and the rest of his gang if you can join and they said why not and would like you to join so just go on to their YouTube channel and be apart of their gang and post away as many comments as you want but just remember mate please fill the comment section with Spam/unrelated messages as they get so angry and have like big spaz attacks over it which would be hilarious to see from both me and you but be careful they’re not the most trustworthy people so hang on tight to your money and Nerf Arsenal (if you have one as you might need it in case things go out of hand!) good luck btw and good luck getting sick to death by those monsters!

  3. Pretty sure Bat out of Hell was more about falling in love as a teenager and regretting it for the rest of your life. Bat our of Hell II, however…

    Wait, that video was directed by Michael Bay? I liked that video. Damn, see, Michael Bay may not be so bad after all!

    What were we talking about? I like the Rooster. I like a lot of these guys. But so often when I buy 4H stuff, it looks cool and then I don’t know what the hell to do with it. And it’s terrible at retaining it’s value. So I end up regretting buying it later. Perhaps these crazy birds will change my mind.

    1. I’ve always used the 4H stuff as almost an extension of MOTUC. Worked better with the stations because of the extra detail, but they are serviceable.

      I’m actually more curious to see the numbers and response to the Kickstarter. Since we can actually see the numbers it will be fun to see how much product goes out for one of these more indie lines.

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