Rampageo Industries Slimes Review + Gallery

Have you ever wondered what your fellow toy enthusiasts were up to?  I know I do all the time.  I’m the nosy type.  So when I heard my friend Dr. Rampageo over at Doomkick was cooking something I got a little worried.  I was a little concerned he might have been following the path of Walter White and spending his time in the kitchen cooking up meth.  Luckily this was not the case.  Even though he dresses like Walter White, Dr. Rampageo was creating his own line of toys based off his own creation, “The Exciting World of Jalldoon.”

Rampageo Industries Slimes Review

The good doctor has sent over a few early samples for us to take a look at.  His first “drop” will consist of a variety of Slimes in all flavors and varieties.  Not only this but the guys over at Rampageo Industries are so excited about their first official sale they will be picking random winners to receive special one-off colored slimes.  These will be extremely limited, so make sure to get your purchases in early.

So shall we take a closer look into these slimes?  I think we shall.

Rampageo Industries Slimes Review

The first thing you will notice when you get your slimes is that they use a very sturdy and durable plastic.  These guys are built to last.  Do you want to run them over with your car?  You can do it.  Do you want to drop them from the top of the Empire State Building?  Someone will probably get hurt, but yeah you can do that too.  The great plastic coupled with the variety of colors make these guys not only great characters, but also great diorama pieces to add some flavor to something like an alien world.  I got myself a beautiful set of green slimes and I love how they work with my NECA Prometheus figures.  The Deacon is just so happy to have a baby slime to carry around and nurture like its own child.

Rampageo Industries Slimes Review

Master Boshak (not to be confused with the Boshek from Star Wars) the slime with the gas mask, is one of my favorite characters of the bunch.  The mask gives him a Super Mario Brothers 2 feel, very similar to the Shy-guy.  In fact I challenge Dr. Rampageo to make more masks for his slimes.  A Shy-guy mask would be cool, as well as a big smiley face.  A big yellow smiley face over a green slime would be the coolest thing ever.

Rampageo Industries Slimes Review

I’d like to direct your attention over to Prince Algor; this guy over here:

Rampageo Industries Slimes Review

Not only can you buy Prince Algor in his regular form, but you can upgrade him to his heroic form!  The heroic form gives the prince a fully articulated body held together by magnets.  If you have ever seen the Warlords of Wor you would find Algor to be completely compatible.  Nope?  Haven’t heard of Warlords of Wor?  Well have you heard of Masters of the Universe?  It was a little toy line back in the 80’s, it was pretty great.  Well you could consider Prince Algor a spiritual successor to Masters of the Universe.  That’s the kind of style he exudes: pure class.

PrinceAlgorHeroic 4

I love to support my fellow toy collectors, especially the ones who are making their own product.  There is something very ambitious and just flat-out cool about it.  I’ve been following Dr. Rampageo’s progress on his quest to make these and the sheer amount he has learned and been able to execute in such little time is amazing.  I’m impressed by his slimes, but once he sent me pictures of the heroic versions I was blown away.  Expect big things from these guys, and don’t forget to check out Doomkick and Rampageo Industries’ Facebook page for the latest news.

Rampageo Industries Slimes Review

Rampageo Industries was kind enough to provide us with a press release for their first run of slimes.  This will also let you in on their first sale, which will be on April 20, 2013 at 9 PM EST.  Have at it folks:

[box style=”note”]The first entry in “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” from Rampageo Industries is coming out 4/20/2013 at 9 P.M. Eastern Time in the shop at DoomKick.com. The first release is all about a magical creature native to the world of Jalldoon called Slimes. Four mini figures from Slime culture are making their debut, two good and two evil characters (as well as 4 different mini Slimes) in all. The good guys are Prince Algor (2 eyes) and his faithful companion Toron (3 eyes). The bad guys are Master Boshak (facemask) and Jelgon (1 eye). In this first drop there will be quite a few offerings, available for purchase will be Full Sets (all 4 slimes and a random mini in matching colors), Single Slimes, Multiple packs of minis, and Prince Algor in heroic form articulated with magnets and fully compatible with the Warlords of Wor and other magnetic toys by ManOrMonster? Studios. Slimes will be available in 4 different colors, Pink Champagne 1878 (Hot pink), Industrial Smoke (Smokey silver), Slime Green, and a surprise fourth color to revealed on DoomKick.com shortly before the drop. The heroic form figure will be available in a few different color ways as well. Prices for the toys will be, Single Slimes for $5, Full sets (+ a mini) for $20, and the full figures for $40. There will also be special Blind Bag one off color way singles for $5, and Mini 4,8,12, and 20 packs ($5, $10, $15, $20 respectively) for sale as well as a few surprises. Quantities will be limited so make sure to get yours before they are gone! In addition to the sale each order placed in the first week (4/20-4/27) will be entered to win one of 3 special edition Slimes in the only available in this contest “pile of loot” color way, which will be added to your order. These will be the first of many products offered in “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” line, and some of these colors will never be offered again. If you would like to see a little more info on these toys check out Rampageo Industries on Facebook, or keep an eye on Doomkick.com in the very near future for full bios for all characters and colors!

DoomKick.. http://doomkick.com/

Rampageo Industries FaceBook… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rampageo-Industries/331034157003102


LAST MINUTE UPDATE!Exclusive C2E2 Prince Algor!

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