MECH iDEAS Exclusive Demolition Crue Repaint

This kind of came out of no where, but MECH iDEAS have announced an exclusive repaint of their wildly popular Demolition Crue set.  The first being a red and yellow repaint of Apex (not-Topspin) which will be exclusive to a British Transformers convention called Auto Assembly.  The convention will be running August 9 – 11, 2013 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel in Birmingham, England.  The repaint will be named Robot Manuel X based off of a South American bootleg.

As of now the toy is only available to order for attendees of the show and you can do that here.


Check out their press release here as well.  There will be non-attendee packages which are still being worked out.  This is a very small run so the figure will cost close the $70 in US dollars.  The second part of the set has not been announced yet but should be available at a later convention this year.

11 thoughts on “MECH iDEAS Exclusive Demolition Crue Repaint”

    1. I know i’m the lucky one as well as i’m from the UK so i can access some sort of website to get it but i don’t collect them so i won’t but if i was interested then yeah it would be a completely different story!

      1. Then all foul you more then and since it is a UK exclusive figure i will nab it myself! no don’t worry i’m only joking anyway i don’t collect them either mate!Cheers guys hope to hear soon!

  1. If you aren’t WickedLazers then why did “they” reply to Jon’s reply of your SDCC question with a “thank you”? Besides… Jon even knows that you’re WickedLazers so there’s no need to “stick up for yourself”… “Laurence”

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