Week in Review: Man of Steel, MOTU, Springer, and More

A lot of people who write things on the internet say it’s good to do a weekly editorial column.  I find myself having a lot of thoughts and experiences throughout the week that don’t quite translate to an action-figure review or news post.  So this weekly column is going to be thoughts and other events collected throughout the week that may not be worthy of an entire article, or may just not fit in to the site whatsoever.

I’ll try to do these “Weeks in Review” some time during the weekend, preferably on Friday.  Who knows I may even come up with a better name.  Probably not though.

So let’s get on with this because I’m sure you want to hear about how much I loved The Voice this week:

Movies: Man of STEEL!manofsteel_01

So has everyone seen the latest Man of Steel trailer?  I think about seven people on my Facebook feed linked it the instant it hit the internet.  Apparently a lot of people were ejaculating while watching it which seems kind of disgusting but to each their own.  I haven’t followed the movie too closely because I don’t have a strong connection to the Superman character.  I did however check out this trailer and actually dug it up until about the two-minute mark.

The origin story seems heartfelt and nice.  Russell Crow’s hair is quite dreamy and Kevin Costner actually made me choke up a bit — dad/son things have been making me a sappy mess of late.  Clark Kent also seemed like a badass when he was a bearded oil rigger with a hairy chest.  The trailer loses me as soon as he puts on the stupid costume and starts to fly around.  For two minutes I thought to myself, “golly Zack Snyder you finally got me.”  Then as soon as he started flying around, Zod started screaming, and ships were shooting at things I lost complete interest.

Does Superman really need the uniform?  I guess like any brand he needs something to make him recognizable.

I’m also a bit annoyed at how they trot out Christopher Nolan’s name as if he did anything but help bankroll this film.  Look kids, you loved the Dark Knight right?  Well this is like the Dark Knight with a flying dude from Krypton!  The only thing that annoys me more is that there is a Pirates of the Caribbean logo in every Lone Ranger TV spot.  They actually have that little faith in the film that they need to bring up another (washed up) blockbuster to help ticket sales.

Toys: Masters of the Universe!

This week was the monthly Mattycollector sale date.  I didn’t log in but this did mean that my Masters of the Universe Classics subscription shipped: two Snake Faces.  No one probably noticed but I have taken a large step back from keeping up with MOTUC and Mattycollector news and speculation.  I found when I hang on every word they say it drove me nuts and really sucked the fun out of the hobby.  Now I just let my subscriptions come in and keep enough an ear to the news so I know what or when something is coming out.  Snake Face came in this week and looks awesome.  I should have a review out soon.  Collecting He-Man stuff has gotten fun again for me, I still love these guys and don’t have the added drama of being upset with something dumb “Toy Guru” said.

Disconnecting is sometimes really good for your sanity.

Toys: Generations Springer!

I’d been eying up the Fansproject Warbot Defender for a little while to bolster my Wreckers stable.  It looks like a great figure but not quite one I wanted to drop close to $100 on.  I’d heard people were very pleased with the Springer Hasbro showed off at Toy Fair, but I stuck my nose up to it because it wasn’t in the Masterpiece line.  Well I was proven to be a bit of a dick because this review sold me.  Generations Springer looks just about perfect, and as soon as I finished reading the review of TFW I placed a preorder.  Kudos to Hasbro on an excellent bot!

bios_01Games: Bioshock Infinite!

I went ahead and bought Bioshock Infinite because a goon was selling codes for $25 each.  I figured it was worth waiting to get that much of a discount on the game.  I went to plug the code into my Steam library and got an error message: “You already own this game.”  How is this possible?  Then I remembered the press kit 2K gave me somehow included a preload of Bioshock, but for some reason did not include Aliens: Colonial Marine.  I guess we know which game 2K wanted me to review.  So big ups to 2K since I just didn’t end up reviewing any of your games.

I’ll warn you that since the game is a month old I will drop a few spoilers.

I loved the game, it was exactly what I needed to take a little break from Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries mode.  I think the only detriment to the game was that there was too much combat.  I understand it is a game and people need to “play” it but letting the sights and exploration of Columbia breathe a bit would be nice.  The intro to the game prior to the lottery has that feel and I think it works out pretty well, and I even think the combat pacing is decent up until you start fighting the VOX.  This is about the point the combat becomes a bit repetitive.

I’ve become a real wimp lately with bad things that involve kids, so when it was finally revealed what happened to Elizabeth’s finger I got a little misty eyed.  If you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click on the image here.  That part got to me.

Misc: What I See Online!

Check out Doomkick’s store on Saturday night as they will be hosting their first “drop” of his slimes creation.  We also did an early review here.

Its All True has posted their bi-weekly Review Round Up.  Also check out their review of the MP Cassettes here and here.

Poe needs help reviewing Masters of the Universe Classics — I’d offer my services but I’ve reviewed them all.

I REALLY want this Planet-X: Genesis (not-Omega Supreme) but just don’t have $300 to throw around at a gigantic toy.

Rifftrax put out another feature length VOD “The Apple.”  As you can expect it is quite strange, but I love and will buy any Rifftrax VOD.

Last but not least, you can vote for a fan-made Transformer!  Check out the poll here, nothing else matters but make sure to pick “Grumpy” for personality.  We need more grumpy Autobots and Decepticons.

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