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You know when I said I would be back with a Jungle Patrol Dutch review really soonI LIED!  I didn’t mean to lie though, I just got sidetracked and then got busy, but now I have a little time this evening to write a riveting review of the second version of Dutch Schaefer.  I think this also works well because the people who ordered from BBTS are finally getting their figures so we can all read along and have a Schwarzenegger type of blast.  The figures have also been showing up at Toys “R” Us as well which is how I finally completed the wave with my Masked Jungle Hunter.  This plan is coming together so well already!

So let us take a look at the man, the myth, the legend: Dutch.


Not that Dutch!  This one:

NECA Jungle Patrol Dutch - Predator Series 8 Review

Last we left Dutch he was smoking his cigar, and still had possession of his “stick around” machete.  We’ve progressed further into the film and our hero has lost the sleeves and jacket.  If you were not aware the next wave will have two more versions of Dutch as well: shirtless under his vest and shirtless covered in mud.  The reason I point this out is that the progression of the character and inherently the toy is that he gets more nude over time.  This is what they call giving the ladies a reason to go to the movie.  If you watch Predator closely (not even closely, it slaps you in the face quite often) you will see a lot of revealed male flesh, even an unironic bicep closeup with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers.

NECA Predator Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch Review

Speaking of Carl Weathers, I have seen some incredible customs people have put together using Arnold’s legs and an upper body from NECA’s Rocky line.  I keep up with a NECA thread over at The Fwoosh forums and some of the people there have done some amazing work.  They have a parts list and everything so I suggest you check them out because it doesn’t sound like NECA plans to do the other team members any time soon.

Predator Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch Review

Back to Dutch.  Both versions of him use a lot of the same parts but accomplish very different looks.  Jungle Patrol has different arms and the coat overlay has been replaced by a much more revealing vest.  You can now check out the ab joint that was previously hidden.  He also loses the machete and holster on his right leg, and finally he has a different, non smoking, head.  Otherwise he has all the same guns and knife on his belt.

Predator Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch Review

Now I think the likeness of Jungle Extraction Dutch is slightly better than this version.  I’ve sat at my desk for roughly eight hours today staring at them.  I understand this is madness, but it is just what I do because I love both figures so much.  After this long analysis I have come to the conclusion that while the Jungle Patrol version looks just like Arnold at almost every angle, straight on seems slightly off.  I’ve been trying to identify what is making it seem off and I think Jungle Patrol’s hairline is just slightly further back.  This could be an illusion caused by the face-paint though, since it’s shaded slightly different on each figure.

Predator Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch Review

I don’t think it is fair to really harp on the likeness too much though because both of these action figures look just like Arnold.  You aren’t going to find this amount of detail on a figure of such an iconic character anywhere else.  It really makes you appreciate that NECA did decide to tackle Dutch in their Predator line.  It will also drive you nuts that they don’t have plans at the moment to do the rest of the team (we get it Jon you really want more Predator humans, shut up about it).

Predator Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch Review

Am I upset that we will be getting four versions of Dutch?  Well to answer tha … NO, of course not give me as many of these little Arnolds as possible.  If only one version was coming out I probably would have bought two, but now NECA gave me four figures to choose from and I feel inclined to buy them all.  The Predator line is a very heavy reuse line, yet unlike something like Mattel’s Ghostbusters you never feel like you are getting ripped off with any of them.  Surprisingly my local Toys “R” Us dropped the price of Predator figures to $15.99.  You can not find that type of value out there these days.  A Marvel Legend figure which I consider inferior to any of NECA’s latest work will run you about $20.  You get a fully articulated and super detailed movie action figure at a great price.

Predator Series 8 Jungle Patrol Dutch Review

If you don’t buy at least ONE Arnold this year from NECA then I feel sorry for you, mostly because you have no soul.

Now that I have berated and guilted you into purchasing this figure do you want to know where to get it?  Well my first stop is always Amazon.  If that fails you may have to travel to a FYE or Toys “R” Us, I’ve seen the entire wave at both places.  It’s also worth mentioning that FYE is a good spot to get NECA figures as they are hitting, and a lot of people neglect to check there.  It’s a bit of a crapshoot as well because some stores are better than others on the action figure front, but if you are like me you will map out your good stores.

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