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If you weren’t a subscriber to Club Eternia but still a fan of Masters of the Universe Classics, then March 2013 must have been a bit painful. For subscribers they got King He-Man, Fang Man, a map no one really cared about, and a little extra shipping charge for that map. For non-subscribers you got the ability to buy whatever DCIE figure was available that month because Fang Man became a last-minute sub exclusive. I don’t want to be one of those “I sure feel lucky I got a sub rite guyz?” type of people because I feel that statement gives too much power to Mattel. Instead I will say I subscribe because I love Masters of the Universe, and Fang Man is a pretty awesome action figure. If there was a better option I would take it, but right now as the line goes into its nickel anniversary this is how we get our toys.


I’m actually putting this review up because my only friend in the world, Dr Rampageo, organized a little Masters of the Universe appreciation day. What does this entail? On your part nothing at all. On my part I have to get my lazy ass into gear and pump out this review on the night before. I would hate to let the other dudes (or gals possibly) down by being the only site to forget to post my article!

I think before I get into Fang Man I would discuss where I personally am at with Masters of the Universe Classics. I’d gone over previously this year how I felt a little burnt out on the line around the time that Ram Man came out, feel free to read about it if you like. I started off this site very focused on everything MOTUC; meaning I hung on to every little nugget of news, every message board post, and every word out of Scott “The Hitman” Neitlich’s mouth. You can go back into my archives and see the first couple months was ALL MOTUC news, I’m embarrassed to say I even got swept up in’s little Illumina hysteria. I was way too obsessed.

Where do you go from there? With most obsessions I find I will burn myself out, get frustrated, and then take that anger out on the thing I was obsessed with. I know I’m not the only one, I used to see tons of people get mad about something Mattel did and put their MOTUC collection up for sale. I didn’t want to go that route because I love the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Instead I took a step back, stopped reading the forums, stopped submitting the “Ask Matty” questions, and just took a more relaxed approach. I’m there for the big reveals and the important dates, and I stay away from the day-to-day snippets or rumors of what COULD happen.

This hands-off approach has made my appreciation for the line flourish. I find myself getting extremely excited for the third week of the month when my figures arrive. Getting Snake Face this month was a ton of fun playing with his alternate heads and finding the right spot on my shelf for him. The only thing I’m still undecided on this year is Castle Grayskull, it’s big and it looks gorgeous but I am still not sure if I want to spend $250 on it. I have time to decide so it isn’t like I’m biting my nails every night measuring the pros and cons of keeping my preorder.

I’m at a zen place with MOTUC, and it helps that my most anticipated figure of the year is in my hands: Fang Man.

MOTUC Fang Man Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Fang Man
Release Date: 03/15/2013 (Last Minute Subscription Exclusive)
Price: $25.00
Faction: Evil Fanged Minion of Skeletor
Real Name: Scutes Ignis

MOTUC Fang Man Review

I’ve anticipated this guy since the San Diego Comic Con reveal of the Club Eternia’s 2013 first few months. He far and away stole the show for me. I went as far as making t-shirts that I passed out to neighborhood kids that said “Fang Gang.” We even developed a hand gesture which was an upside down devil horns gesture. You guessed it, I was hardcore into Fang Man. As time passed the kids from the block moved on from the Fang Gang, but I never lost sight of its inspiration: Fang Man.

Rest in peace – Fang Gang (2012 – 2013)

MOTUC Fang Man Review

Fang Man follows the Shadow Weaver and Eternos Palace King Randor as the third Filmation character to hit the MOTUC line. He is also by far my favorite design of the lot. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time this character has been made into an action figure, and probably will be the last time because it’s hard to top perfection.

MOTUC Fang Man Review

Had I thought prior to the reveal that they were going to make Fang Man, I would have never thought they could accomplish it using a standard MOTUC buck. The character is basically a hunch-backed dragon. Through clever use of a neck extension and some sculpting into the chest overlay they have made the perfect Fang Man. The figure looks like it jumped right out of the Filmation series. On top of looking, in my opinion, perfect they also included three accessories in an effort to get Filmation based weapons and artifacts into the Classics line. I really enjoy the “Sword of Truths” because it is large and different from the typical power sword we have seen far too much. It’s also a much more lethal looking weapon than the double pronged thing he is also packed with. Maybe this makes me a pervert but I find that thing scary on a more psychological level. I shudder to think of the victims of that tool. I pray for their fast recovery.

MOTUC Fang Man Review

Fang Man despite his “perfect status” has a couple of nuances. First is that the paint on his back scrapes off really easy. If you check out the back on my pictures he’s already showing some black spots, and this was fresh out of the package. If you are like me and really enjoy putting your toys on their back and spinning them then this is a BIG issue.  The other problem I have is not exclusive to Fang Man. I feel like they are making the chest armor and overlays a little bit too small. Meaning that when you look at the figure you will see a tiny bit of belly showing, essentially making most MOTUC figure look like they are wearing a belly shirt. I’m not sure if the rubber shrinks during the molding process, or if they are just made that way because they don’t want the armor to go over belt area. Whatever it is it probably won’t change, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of it on the shelf and it drives me to drink.

MOTUC Fang Man Review

Other than those two complaints I can’t say much bad about the guy. Even if I did Fang Man is probably too stupid to understand what criticism is, poor fella. If there was a figure worth paying secondary market prices on I would tell you it is Fang Man. As always you could check out Amazon as we are now over a month removed from his release and prices tend to settle as time passes.

MOTUC Fang Man Review

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  1. God he looks like nothing good’s happened to him in his life and unluckily he has not been blessed with dashing looks and handsomeness. Poor guy anyway thanks Jon for posting this as well!

      1. What really!!!!? do you really well i don’t think you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed meaning where are your brains, the guy is a fish mutant creature and he looks exactly a take-on like the Papo version! But each one to their own but when you said that i don’t mean to sound harsh or anything but that phrase you used ‘I think he’s quite handsome for a blue dragon-guy” made me wonder whether that had a bit of a gay connotation to it if i’m not wrong but i know you were just joking so sorry if i said that!

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