NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Review

The great Judd Hirsch once said “you’d all be dead now if it wasn’t for my David!” Sure he was referring to Jeff Goldblum, but I consider Michael Fassbender to be the Jeff Goldblum of modern times. Obviously David causes a lot of issues aboard the Prometheus, but was he really to blame?  We can’t forget that he is an android and under pretty strict orders from Weyland.  And even though it caused a ton of problems, is anyone really upset that David infected Halloway?  Halloway was one of the worst and more unlikable characters in the movie. [editor’s note: this does not mean I wouldn’t buy that Halloway figure … I’d grab that shit up NECA!]

Besides killing the shittiest character in the movie, waking up the last living engineer, and attempting to freeze Elizabeth Shaw; David turns out to be one of the best and most developed characters in the film.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the actor Sir Michael Fassbender and his screen presence.  Sir Ridley Scott probably didn’t want to cut any of that genius out of the film so we got to see a lot of David 8.

I waited a long time to do this review, and I’m not sure why but I just procrastinated on it.  I feel bad too because now I’m putting it out as the Prometheus line is in a bit of turmoil and figures are getting canceled or pushed back.  As you may have heard the lovely Elizabeth Shaw and not as lovely Fifield slated for series 3 have been bumped indefinitely.  They have been replaced with a holographic variant of the Engineer and another figure yet to be announced.  Thankfully these figures could possibly see the light of day with NECA’s new direct service which they plan to get stuff like the Predator skulls, Borderlands 2 characters, and the Bioshock splicers.  Hopefully it does well because I want and need anything Prometheus in my life!

NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Review

David was probably the most marketable “human” in the movie so after they got the initial Engineers out he was a no-brainer for the second wave.  He’s joined by the Deacon (or fan service as some would call it) in the second wave.  David comes with a pretty solid array of stuff: two swappable heads, removable helmet, and a flashlight/tablet combination.  He also has a camera attached to his body that can be rooted into either his shoulder or the top of his helmet when it is on.

One of the best parts of this figure is the incredible recreation of the space suits used in the film.  For a fully articulated figure the detail is stunning.  In addition most of the articulation is well hidden and appropriate for the character.  I could ask for a bicep swivel but I have come to the realization this is NECA’s favored articulation scheme currently.  Even with the swivel missing he still has a great range of motion and can pull off “David” poses.  The term “David poses” pretty much entail walking around and making jokes at the expense of his crewmates’ troubles.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Review

The likeness of the action figure to Mr. Fassbender is pretty spot on.  Like most figures you can find an angle that looks off, but that may be due more to not seeing the actor at every angle.  The alternate heads and removable helmet was a great addition to the figure because we don’t have to search out a variant.  Also since the line appears to be on its deathbed anyway there is probably little chance of another human being made.  Getting David with a couple of display options for around $15 – $20 is a really good deal.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Review

Like when most action figure lines end the collectors like to sound off and play arm-chair toy company.  Everyone knows better AFTER everything is said and done.  I really think NECA did the best anyone could with what they had.  That isn’t me saying the Prometheus property is a bad one.  I just don’t think it caught on as well with the crowd that expected an Alien prequel that will answer everything about the space jockey.  In my opinion we got something much better.  Making toys for modern films is such a gamble, sometimes the masses will latch on but a lot of times you see them rot on the shelves regardless of how good the material is.

Would putting Shaw in the first series have helped the line?  I doubt it.  Nobody knew who Shaw was prior to seeing the movie.  The Shaw sculpt is gorgeous and I would kill to own it, but I’m not going to kid myself and say it would have been a huge seller, especially prior to the film’s release.  The Engineer caters to far more demographics and would be the draw for the line.  I think NECA did it right for both series, they hit the most marketable characters and I guess the sales just weren’t there.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Review

I’ll just squint and stare at that tiny shot they have on their wall of the sculpted Shaw and Vickers.  Maybe when Paradise is released NECA might think about trying to get them out if they still want to do it by then.

Do you want to grab a David 8 action figure?  Well head on over to Amazon right now.



12 thoughts on “NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Review”

  1. Hey Jon your reviews can be quite hilarious at times which is cool as i’ve been looking at this page for quite some time now looking at what stuff you’ve put into mini cartoon speech bubbles as if it was a Aliens-MOTUC mixed Sci-Fi-Fantasy thing which you have combined and any chance of ever using stop-motion or something like Motion-picture? that would be great for sure and i’m sure everyone would like that. Thanks Jon

  2. I love Prometheus despite all of it’s flaws. I really thought there would be a market for this line, hmm. And Jon going forward I fully expect the Portal Device included in every 1/12thish scale review.

  3. I love this figure, not only is he one of my favorite characters (Second to Fifield) But they did a pretty spot-on job for the good likeness to Mr.Fassbender. I wish it came with the Decaptitated David as well (You know, the part where he’s just a Head, Neck, and Spine)

    1. They have a headless David sculpted and he was supposed to come with Halloway originally, but with all the bumps and cancellations who knows if it will happen. Maybe with the S3 Engineers?

      1. Yeah I know, I saw that awhile back while looking up NECA Prometheus on Google Images, The first thing I thought when I saw it was “With TF2 being made by NECA, this would make a good Scout Bat!”

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