Week in Review: Paid For With Many Lives

Welcome back to the WEEK IN REVIEW! brought to you be Gatorade G.


There we go, nice long shot sipping a “G” after a long sweaty workout.

So I went outside this weekend and attempted to take some nice pictures of my new Jungle Hunter Predator from NECA’s eighth series in the franchise.  For the most part I was very happy with the results.  I still have a way to go with manual settings but it is definitely taking a turn for the better.  It helps that these Predators are so photogenic, and that my neighbors weren’t outside to see me setting up a tripod and action figures in the trees.

NECA Series 8 Predator Masked Jungle Hunter

It’s been a Valve filled week for me.  First I found myself trying to get my DOTA 2 win count up.  I feel like I am starting to play better as well, it helps that I have been watching the Tournament International 3 as its been going on.  I would say a tip to anyone getting into the game is to watch some professional teams play, it certainly helps you understand some of the fundamentals.  I know the last thing anyone wants to do when they have a game is watch other people play, but it will be a benefit to you if you want to make a serious push at the game.


More related to toys though I bought my first 3A figure set this week: Atlas and P-Body 1/6 scale action figures.  How can you go wrong right?  Although it kind of sucks if you are short on cash, I do like paying up front because some time late this year or early next these two robots are going to ship to me.  And when they do I will have not a thing to worry about on my end.  I just get to sit back and play with cool robots.

Oddly enough this wasn’t the only Valve news from 3A because they used the preorder as an opportunity to announce their next 1/6 scale Valve release: Robot Heavy from Mann vs Machine.  This is the point where all the people playing on their Xbox will be asking “what is that?”  Yes it is real and you would be amazed at how far TF2 has come from whatever build is on the Xbox currently.

The company I hold near and dear to my heart that also has TF2 figures coming out is NECA.  No, not the Heavy and Soldier; they will be out later.  Instead the BLU versions of the Pyro and Demoman have hit NECA’s online stores and my BBTS preorder says it will ship soon.  I’m more than likely going to leave this as my boxed set while I will open all the red ones.  I guess I could do an in the package review, not sure who would dig that but I suppose we will see.


Remember when Rifftrax wanted to riff Twilight?  I backed it.

Well they didn’t quite get Twilight, but instead will be doing a live Starship Troopers riff on August 15, 2013.  This is exactly 14 days after my birthday so I’m going to treat that as my birthday present.  I’ll also use that birthday present excuse for anything expensive I buy within the months of July, August, and September.  Anyway the guys at Rifftrax have apparently wanted to do a riff of Starship Troopers for a long time now.

The one movie I really had hoped they could get was Super Mario Brothers.  Yes, the one with Dennis Hopper.  I hear it is a legal nightmare involving Nintendo and the movie studio, so more than likely that will never happen.  They did however do a quick couple minute riff for IGN.

On the subject of Kickstarter, I think the Rifftrax will be the first one I actually get my end result on first.  I’ve pledged four total schemes thus far and here are the other three:

Wasteland 2 – This was my first because I REALLY wanted a “hard as balls” RPG.

Steamworld Chronicles – This one I did because my buddy Steve has heading it.  It’s a steampunk comic.  I keep seeing pages posted on Facebook so I think it’s getting closer!

Barkley 2 – Because I have to play the spiritual sequel to Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden.

So two games, a comic, and a live show.  The live show looks like it will be the first one I will be able to take advantage of.

Speaking of Kickstarter, there is a project coming up that I very much will be interested in: The Ravens by the 4 Horsemen.  In fact Mr. Philip Reed from Battlegrip consulted with them on how to run their Kickstarter campaign.  He details what went on in a post on his site.  Phil also looks to be putting the final touches on his “Transforming Collections” book he crowdsourced last year.  It looks quite fancy and it’s a shame I missed out on it, I was still new to the Kickstarter thing then so I didn’t get it.  My mistake!

Sorry I skipped last week, I was tired.  Enjoy your long weekend!

8 thoughts on “Week in Review: Paid For With Many Lives”

  1. Week in review! Brought to you by Gatorade G and Jon’s new found carpal tunnel syndrome, it was well worth the DOTA 2 wins. Me and a couple of friends down at the RG Bronies are doing a TF2 match on Friday, care to join?

        1. Thanks for coming to the Match. You missed the MvM event though, I lost count of my Robot kill but it was about 1,000 out of my time there, You should’ve gone they had Infinite Ammo, Fast Fire, and God Mode! (Buddha Mode!) but there was this Demoman that would always just come by and steal cash :/

      1. Hey Jon and Flutterlicious, looks like you’re on the Shield’s team now as they would like you to join their fan base,subscribers, likers and their partners in crime. Hopefully your job if you choose to bravely accept it is to join their team!

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