MOTUC Fighting Foe Men Video Review

Hey look a video review!

I figured since I had a decent enough camera I would change things up for this review.  Who knows?  I will probably write one as well, but it was fun to do something different.  The Masters of the Universe Classics Fighting Foe Men was the big-ticket item for the subscription year (Castle Grayskull is the big one for the year).  And I’m mighty glad this part of the subscription is now over because two sets of Fighting Foe Men is more than I would ever need!

The MOTUC Fighting Foe Men are pretty good figures, but there are little things that irritate me about them.  Go on and check out the review.


Masters of the Universe Classics – The Fighting Foe Men (and woman!)
Release Date: 05/15/2013 (Subscription Quarterly Multipack/Oversized)
Price: $75.00
Faction: Evil Eternian Pirate Clan
Real Name: Not doing it, sorry those names are embarrassingly bad.

Yes we are omitting the “Real Name” catagory going further until conditions improve. (Thanks for the reminder Flutterlicious!)

28 thoughts on “MOTUC Fighting Foe Men Video Review”

  1. I thought you where going to do a complete removal of the Real Name section. Nice review, nice to see your putting your Youtube to good use! Hopefully Laurence doesn’t spam the hell out of that to!

    1. You are right, I was going to remove it … and now it is done. He can spam my Youtube comments all he wants, I never really look at them.

      1. Oh shit, he actually did. I should’ve made a wager with you that if I was correct you give me your MOTUC figures 😛 He’s doing it under the name of Thorin Oakenshield. His videos are about some shit called “Shield” What a fucking loser! xD

        1. I’m sorry but i think you mistaken as i don’t even have a YouTube account and i don’t even know what you mean but i know who’s channel that is, that is my friend TJ’s YouTube account name as he too is a big large fan of LOTR and Hobbit but yeah the reason you got mistaken is that we both are similar, Yeah i agree his videos are crap but nothing i have made yet as my YouTube channel is called KingThranduil69’s YouTube channel but it has no videos as of yet but if you want i could base some of my videos on what info i have gathered from here. Sorry mate but TJ is a weirdo so just ignore him and he believes me,Finn and Ryan are losers just because we like Nerf! he’s got a cheek, i mean he’s got a obsession with Prometheus movie toys and figures!

          1. Oh btw i don’t have any idea i contradicted myself saying i don’t have a YouTube channel but i in fact truly do but sorry for that as i was sort of sleepy and dazed!

  2. In fact i imagine them to be very bad so i’m just gonna vandalize his whole page with spam/unrelated messages just like i used to do here but except i’m not gonna mess around here anymore, i’m gonna be a good boy and just be friends and let by-gones be by-gones, Sorry Jon,Nick,Flutterlicious for all this jip i have gave you but you must understand that was clearly frustration and stress.Thanks

  3. Also Flutterlicious does TJ do like some Smeagol-Gollum impersonation or something like that? cos if he does it might be worth watching and hilarious hopefully!

    1. Okay, what you just said is obvious bull shit. You said you didn’t have a Youtube and later in the same comment your saying you have a youtube account?! What’s up with that shit? Second of all you have the same speech patterns (saying “as” too much in a comment, saying you don’t know who Jon is and what site he’s from, and lastly you guys are seriously obsessed with the Hobbit and LOTR ,you guys are annoying as hell ,you hate Americans ,you spam the hell out of Jon’s post, and finally your both fucking idiots) And you best shut the hell up about Prometheus, it was a good movie and you have the same problem with LOTR/ The Hobbit.

      1. Oh no what i meant was that i do in fact have a minor YouTube account but not the biggest or the best as i don’t have a account on my computer but i have a account already on my galaxy tablet. Nothing i’m saying is bullshit and Tj’s account is the one known under the name of Thorin Oakenshield and yes his team is called the Shield cos of their team being anti-Nerf and we being the Delta Squad trying to fight them but we are the good guys.Also i did say sorry to Jon so stop making a big deal out of everything and having a go at me, listen as well as i’ve tried to be your friend on many occasions and Jon included but you just seem to keep getting angry with me for the wrong bloody reasons and it is annoying when you boss me around because i hate when people do that.Secondly i do wish to argue with you any longer, if you’re the one who’s the troublemaker on this site then control your temper and be less blunt with visitors and guests when they’re here!

      1. Really? cos he might be saying that to warn me,Ryan and Finn my 2 friends about each of our Nerf encounters, but i have never noticed him say my name much as he’s after Ryan for some personal reason or the other.

    1. Well i hate it, Tj does the complete opposite of what we’re doing to copy us, We fight and enforce justice and they fight injustice which is basically copying our idea!

  4. Hey Jon i wouldn’t do that if i was you, Tj hasn’t got any subscribers yet due to his crappy videos and it best stays like the way it is instead of being Tj’s friend, just don’t be his friend but people that i recommend you to subscribe to are my 2x friends Ryan and Finn!

      1. I didn’t but Tj did which was a good choice as when he tried to go and vandalize our topic pages and stuff we blocked his IP address and his username and reported him for spam/unrelated messages, content that is harmful, harassment and bullying, invasion on privacy but YouTube have taken him out of the game for now!

    1. Well as it appears Tj has gone and deleted his own YouTube channel and taken his videos with him, well as far as i’m concerned he can stick it as we don’t need him or his friends and Shield preaching and speeches. Good riddance as far as i’m concerned!

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