MOTUC Snake Face Review + Gallery

I’m a little behind on my Masters of the Universe Classics reviews.  Snake Face actually came out in April, but there were a lot of action figures I had to review that month.  I ended up pushing him back, and then May’s sale date came and went so now I’m a few months late.  I hadn’t forgotten about Snake Face and I never forgot about Dre either.

I’m not going to be Debbie Downer today because I’m actually very pleased with Snake Face.  He continues the tradition of 2013 being a very stellar year for Masters of the Universe Classics.  Last year we had a good amount of toy related issues with the cut accessories and deco, and then also the whole fiasco with the black plastic. This year has been pretty smooth and there has been very little to get upset about.  The figures have all turned out great and as expected, and for the most part they come fully armed and painted.

MOTUC Snake Face Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Snake Face
Release Date: 04/15/2013 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $25.00 ($27.00 non sub)
Faction: Snake Men

MOTUC Snake Face Review

The Snake Men seem to be a faction Mattel has been focusing on of late as we have gotten quite a few of them.  King Hiss came out fairly early in the line, but there was a very long hiatus between him and the next faction character: Kobra Khan.  You can count the palace guard with the snake head if you prefer, but once Kobra Khan came out in 2012 the floodgates opened up.  We’ve since gotten Rattlor, Snake Men, Snake Man-At-Arms, and now Snake Face.

MOTUC Snake Face Review

Snake Face, Sssqueeze, and Tung Lashor have a lot to live up to after the incredibly detailed stactions we got from NECA.  Snake Face starts the trifecta and while he loses a little of the reimagined detail of the staction, he’s still a vast improvement over the vintage version.  The head with snakes coming out of it is perfect to me while the non-snake face leaves something to be desired.  The normal face (non-snake) seems to be inspired from Medusa, and it almost has a female aesthetic to it.  It’s a great sculpt but something about it makes me think of an old lady with curlers in her hair.  It would have been neat if they included a tongue that could be optionally put in his mouth.

MOTUC Snake Face Review

I always thought Snake Face should wear pants.  This isn’t a knock on the Four Horsemen’s design of the figure but just a general thought on Masters of the Universe as a whole.  I’m looking over my shelf now and there are a hell of a lot of exposed thighs in this collection.  Snake Face has an almost “biker” type jacket and I think he could use a black pair of leather pants.  I think that would look cool.  Am I alone on this thought?  Probably.  But something has to be better than his little speedo he goes into battle with.

MOTUC Snake Face Review

In order to recreate an “action feature” without actually making one Mattel went with add-on parts.  The head swap was a great move and I love the red snakes coming out of his eyes, mouth, and shoulders.  There are also two flaps on his armor that can be removed, and you can stick two additional snakes in there to make them come out of his abdomen.  Be careful because the ab snakes are very easy to lose, my accessory bin swallowed them up pretty quickly.

MOTUC Snake Face Review

Along with his extra head and ab snakes he also comes with a snake staff and shield.  The snake staff is nothing we haven’t seen before, it’s the same one that came with King Hiss and Rattlor.  There was some question early on if the staff would get cut for cost savings, but in the end it didn’t.  They also painted it so it wasn’t just a plain green staff, and for this I thank them … just a little, I probably shouldn’t have to give thanks for basic paint deco.  If you own the Snake Face staction you may be a little disappointed with the shield.  It’s not nearly as big or detailed as the amazing work they did for that release.  It’s still a cool design but a bit of a step back from what the staction had.

MOTUC Snake Face Review

Like I said at the beginning of the review this has been a very solid year for Masters of the Universe Classics and Snake Face continues the trend.  Being a big fan of the Snake Men I think that Mattel put together a great translation of the character into the Classics line.  At $25 each the figure isn’t a bad value, but having to deal with Mattycollector’s bloated shipping rates can put this guy up into the $40 range.  That’s why these months where there is only one figure hurt a little more if you have a single subscription.  Shipping costs aside the toy is great and an awesome addition to the MOTUC collection.

If you haven’t gotten one yet they are long sold out on their site, but Amazon has some and at decent prices.

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