Last Chance to Preorder Heroic Prince Algor!

If you forgot and still want one, today is the last day to get your preorder in for Heroic Form Prince Algor.  Prince Algor comes in three candy themed colors, is fully articulated, and tons of fun!  Head on over to Doomkick today, put in your preorder so that you can put DrRampageo to work getting your awesome prince together.

Heroic Prince Algor takes the Slimes to another level, putting the head of Prince Algor on a 5″ Remco styled body.  The body is fully articulated and held together by magnets (strong magnets I might add!).  These figures look great and if there was ever a spiritual successor to Masters of the Universe these would be it.

I wanted to have a review up by now but the last two weeks have been hell, instead enjoy this picture:


Again, head on over to Doomkick to get your order in.  Once these colorways are retired, they are gone forever!

2 thoughts on “Last Chance to Preorder Heroic Prince Algor!”

  1. That Duke Nukem statue 😀 I was planning on buying it, seeing as it’s late this will probably be one of those “last minute entry” type deals, they look great though, maybe something I’ll look forward to later. Nice job as always DrRampageo

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